it finally feels like fall today, new knitting project, and a link list


my body has not been registering fall's been too warm.
it has been summer, summer, summer...until this morning.
the clouds have finally come, and a nice cool breeze.
my head has been trying to convince my body that fall is just around the corner...
next week in fact.
which means "tomorrow" is coming quicker than i was anticipating.
october, my birthday month, still seems months away.
it's only weeks away.
i have tried not to think too far ahead for my halloween costume,
but now i've realized i've entered crunch time!
november, cj's birthday month and thanksgiving, sooooo far away.
nope, just a month and a half.
and december, which felt like it wouldn't happen until next year,
is 2.5 months away.
december: fun holidays, and the big move.
it's here. tomorrow is here.

i had an impulse buy at the yarn shop last week.
i went in to buy knitting needles...
i came out with the needles and two skeins of irresistible yarn.
and this yarn is special...why?
because i usually only knit with grays and browns and creams and neutral.
this yarn has color.
i'm moving on in the knitting world...but i'm sure i'll hold on to my beloved neutrals.

things this week that i've found interesting or helpful:

good guide. this website is amazing. it's a green buying guide. it makes everyday shopping

for sustainable products soooooo simple. it rates any product (out of over 50,000 everyday products) by how good they are for the environment, health, and society (i.e. good labor conditions). hooray for good guide! by the way, for those of you with iphones you can download an app that lets you scan bar codes in the grocery store and it will immediately give you the product's good guide rating. genius.

if you're interested in politics, read all ten pages of this article in the new yorker.

daniel goleman's book, ecological intelligence.

we're listening to it as we drive to all of our camping destinations.

i started in my first book club ever this week.

we're starting with a classic: the joy luck club

confession: i made a dress yesterday...even though it

was part of my "liberation list" to stop trying to sew my own clothes.

confession: these photos of yarn were taken with a digital camera...

not film.
i decided that the "film only" rule did not apply to snapshots
of crafts and food i make.

happy weekend!
we'll be heading into san francisco tomorrow.
can't wait.


~Kristina said...

oooo! The Joy Luck Club is an all time favorite of mine.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Love book clubs! And I was in SF last night and will be there on Sunday performing. I love that city so much! Have an awesome time! Beach, I assume?

Cassie said...

that yarn is seriously awesome.

nadia said...

i think we share the same birthday or they are a day apart also i think ceej and k share the same birthday month maybe even birthday I wonder?

next week i go to the knitting social it is just a handfull of woman from the neightborhood, Julie the woman that hosts it has the most beautiful historic home, she makes soup and bread and we all bring deserts and we knit a fire in the fireplace is not enough to keep us warm in her house so we all have blankets on our laps- i think you would love it!

i ha dthis tought the other day how i would like to start a book club but with bloggers and how we could read a book post about it on the same day, even maybe cook and listening to something pertaining to the book and share it what do you think?

Ann Marie said...


your knitting group sounds like a dream...i'm about in tears i wish i could be there so much!

i think a blogger book club is a fantastic idea! sign me up!

Nell said...

That wool is such a lovely colour, I might need to work some of that into my next project! I can't wait to see what you make. Just discovered your blog - it's really fab xx

Unknown said...

is that yarn manos?

Ann Marie said...


this yarn is malabrgo ( it's merino wool. love, love, love this yarn.