when vacationing at a beautiful lake that used to be a beautiful canyon...


01. wear a big hat at all times, and cover your skin in that
sunblock that isn't full of ingredients that harm you or the environment.
keep it clean, please.
and stay far, far away from anything resembling a sunburn.

02. notice that blue and orange and green really do
go together quite nicely.

03. call dibs to sleep on top of the hot tub on top of the houseboat
to watch shooting stars all night long.

04. embrace the "death march" by bringing lots of water,
and wearing that giant hat you're supposed to wear at
all times.

05. remember to stop and look up.

06. remember to look down before the mud
demands you slip in its mess.

07. desert varnish. so cool.

08. try to get on the ski boat with the 6 a.m.ers
to see the sun rise over the cliffs.

09. take note on how big and blue the sky is here.

10. watch the wind blow the water to and fro
as the boat bobs up and down, back and forth.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Beautiful! That first photo is so lovely.

Caroline said...

A big hat is key!! Love this post!!!

palefoot said...

beautiful photos! summer to the max.

Cindy said...

your photos are fantastic and i love that hat!

Anonymous said...

This isn't related to your post, but I've been to your blog a few times and I thought I would leave you this poem because, even though it's sad, I think you'd appreciate it. It was written by Anna Akhmatova in 1940 and translated into English from Russian.

The Willow
And I grew up in patterned silence,
In the cool nursery of our young age.
I had no fondness for the voice of men,
But the voice of the wind was clear to me.
I loved the burdock and stinging nettles,
But most of all I loved a silver willow.
And, in gratitude, it lived with me
For all my life, and with its weeping branches
Entwined my sleeplessness with dreams.
And -- strange to say! -- I did outlive it.
There now a stump stands out, and other willows
With other voices whisper something else
Under our skies, under those skies.
And I am silent. As when a brother dies.

Ann Marie said...

dear anonymous,

thank you for sharing the poem!! i DO indeed love it. i think i'll be re-reading it all evening. THANK YOU

Char said...

the fuji handles blue so prettily. lovely shots...i love the big hat too.

Tonia said...

Fantastic hat - perfect for summer days on a lake!

jenna said...

that hat is a beast!

loving these photos.

ali said...

wow, beautiful pictures. What an experience you had.

Havilah Savage said...

you tell a wonderful story with your photos. :)

Anonymous said...

look at that water! this place looks like a dream -- nature is full of beauty!

Cobalt Violet said...

Fabulous post, good advice and like everyone else, I want that hat!

Chris Almond said...

I confess that I am normally kind of opposed to blogs where people post cute photos of their cute lives (and I guess maybe that doesn't exactly describe this blog, but I think you probably get what I mean) but I find that I really enjoy your blog. So, to you I give you my kudos.

Joyti said...

What exquisite images! You must be having a lovely vacation...