we've been going to the desert to visit and soon we will stay


august has whisked us away from home in california
to the utah desert for family vacations
and weddings galore.
this place is mysteriously beautiful.
it's been good for my everything.

some of you might like to think that there is nothing
out in the desert...
but it is full of big skies, big views, small critters,
elegant animals, and crawling things going about their little business.

i. love. the. desert.


here i am about to thoughtfully consume one of
tulie bakery's banana cream tarts.
this is one of my favorite things about salt lake city:
all the yummy food
resting at the foot of intimately grand mountains.

...and we're moving back...
yes, you heard me right.
come december we'll be ready to
settle back into
four seasons,
desert excursions,
cabin weekends,
dawn patrols,

can't wait to be back in
salt lake city.
{lucky for us, cj's company is moving with us!}


About Me said...

YAY!! That's great news! We need to get together WAY more often when you come back. Love you!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful.


Caroline said...

Congrats to you!!! Love the photos!

a tree called life said...

how exciting! I've been craving the desert lately - the old american west in general... your pictures are magic, as always.

L said...

I will miss you. A lot. But I'm happy for you... I know it's something you've been hoping for.

I love the desert, too. I'm partial to the Mojave and the Sonora--the Joshua Trees, the tumbleweed, the ocotillo and saguaro cacti.... and the rain. Such delicious storms.

Nelda said...

This is from Chip Ward's CANARIES ON THE RIM: "A warning: deserts are misunderstood and vulnerable. We are not a desert people. White Anglos have been in the American desert landscape for about 150 years, a mere drop in the bucket of Gaian time. In the light of a Hopi perspective, that's just long enough to stumble in, look up, blink, and mutter, "What's that? Where am I?" We see deserts as places of Biblical exile where we wander to go mad or bring back revelations. Madness and revelation. During a quarter of a century of wandering Utah's deserts, I have encountered plenty of both." (page 32)

Tonia said...

Congratulations! I also love an enormous sky: tend to get them over moorland in England - just can't fill my eyes up enough!

Courtney said...

You look gorgeous Annie!

Netti said...

Oh yay!! How happy that you guys will be moving back! I adore our state. The mountains and clouds are unbeatable (in my own humble opinion).

PS. Can't WAIT to see your photos from Mo's wedding, because I just know they're going to be magical!:)

Char said...

i want to visit the desert - beautiful shots and congratulations

Tiffany Kadani said...

That's right! Robyn told me they were moving. That's so awesome you get to go back home. So weird we never really met though. Maybe some time soon!

amy said...

Yay! Happy news, Ann! congrats and see you soon :)

ilwen said...

There's something mysteriously beautiful about deserts. When a friend went to the desert Gobi last year and showed me his photos I was in love but also knew it wouldn't be for me with its extreme temperatures. Sometimes I find it really sad that the don't have any real deserts in Europe. (Expertes think we will get some though - which is rather frightening actually.)

nadia said...

how wonderful!

jenna said...

awesome photos.

tres jalouse!

(is that even french?)

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Oh, Ann, how wonderful! Of course I'm a bit sad than now that I'm finally making my way over to SF the only woman I know will head back to Utah!! But I'm so happy for you:)
And just so you know, all the photos are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

kelly ann said...

i love utah! i was in utah county this summer (we went to provo, american fork, and orem) - and i fell in love with it! it's beautiful. and the mountains are truly magical. life is a little slower there, too... compared to california. it was refreshing. i didn't want to leave!

bigBANG studio said...

will be fully relying on you to quench my desert fix. can't wait.