manifesto monday : on breathing, heart, and simplicity


i am overwhelmed...

with joy, with expectations, with passion, with solitude, with the goodness of simplicity.

i often find myself breathing deeply and deliberately with eyes resting shut.

i am taking my classes one word at a time...

reading one word at a time, writing one word at a time.

i've had to break it down.

i am in love with my mostly empty closet here,

in love with my simple bedroom...its walls bare, the furniture plain.

i am swooning over every word of poetry i read aloud...

i must read aloud and slowly and plainly so my heart and mind can comprehend.

i must tell you all how healing this is, i want all of you to experience it.

it is magic.

just re-read wordsworth's "the ruined cottage" and my heart and eyes and lungs



i'm breathing deeply.

my heart both rejoices and aches

{rejoices for beautiful things i am learning, aches for ceej}.

i am overwhelmed.

this i believe.

{photo taken of me by ceej. june 2010}


Dori the Giant said...


This post is so beautiful.

I feel like this a lot myself. I like change. This also reminded me of how I'm poor and own nothing in comparison to all the kids I know. And I love not owning so many materialistic things. I find value in greater things that they can't even comprehend.

Lovely blog. ♥

kelly ann said...

beautiful words... i think i say this constantly but you write so wonderfully! it's always so heartfelt. <3

Beth Grace said...

How beautiful. I really enjoyed this. I think so often we all forget the importance of slowing down and really drinking in every minute life has to offer.
Thank you for the reminder.

Ellie Grace

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

I love your words of wisdom:)

bigBANG studio said...

How marvelous to have an empty room and empty closet and no material THINGS to distract you from reading, thinking and writing. This is SUCH a magical summer for you, darling AM!

I found a 19th century edition of the complete works of Robert Burns in a rare book shop a few days ago and immediately thought of you- you would have found such delight in the gilt pages and lilting rhymes. Xoxo

Aline Correa said...

I think sometimes we seem to go through some of the same feelings. it makes my heart smile to know someone feels the same. I have missed reading your words, dear!

mexicali rose said...

gorgeous words...thank you for the inspiration. most definitely uplifting!

Kate Kelleher said...

lovely words, so beautful, just like you.