do you remember going to the pool when you were growing up, and loving the feeling of lying on the hot cement while dripping wet and sipping soda?


my younger brother and i used to walk to the neighborhood pool
almost every day of summer while we were growing up.
we'd spend hours least it seemed like hours to us.
we'd giggle at each other as we jumped off the diving board,
pretended to be goofy super-heroes wearing goggles,
jumped straight out of the pool with sopping wet bodies to lie down on the hot cement,
and sipped welch's grape soda.
we'd often wander off into the neighboring park which had a mini forest
where we would play hide 'n' seek
{hiding once in a wasps nest, making all of us run screaming for our lives, and receiving a few battle wounds}.

ceej and i have very tame and relaxing days by the pool.
we bring books,
and dip ourselves into the pool when we get sleepy or too warm.
the pool isn't heated,
which makes it a bit too cold in the early summer,
but perfect when the incredible heat of midsummer encroaches.
cj braved the chill, and dove straight in.
i very slowly and cautiously lowered myself in.
can't wait for our next pool day.


Caroline said...

My husband and I worked as lifeguards and swam .... AND I can't even tell you how many swimmers/lifeguards love doing what you just wrote about. I would get out of the chilly pool on a hot day and lay face first on the cement .... so warm. I love all the photos in this post. xo

Meghan said...

I do remember that amazing feeling. Thank you for reminding me, it has been a rough past few days, and this helped.

nadia said...

my childhood memories all revolve around a pool almost like you described it. we swam all the time, i lived in bathing suits in fact my bathroom doors could not open all the way because of all my swimsuits hanging from the door. i remember the first jumps and the dripping wet, and the blue lips. thank you for letting me escape back to that time.

Tonia said...

It's just got hot enough here for pool dips; but I rather favour kicking the spray up at the sea edge!