we're back after an eventful week full of family, friends, music, snow, dust storms and blizzards


this was an epic trip on every level.
the drive out brought us:
fog, blizzard, four dust storms {which are worse than blizzards}, and a wild fire
that closed the freeway for an hour and a half {which probably damaged my kidneys}.
but this is still one of my favorite drives.
9.5 hours with ceej, good music, interesting podcasts, and beautiful views.

we arrived tuesday evening to the salt lake valley which was full of dust - unusual.
was happier than i could have imagined to see friends at patty's concert...
realized how much i really miss all of you, and how much i need you.
i had to try very hard indeed not to tackle all of you and smother you with excitement.
you have no idea how such a short little evening had such a huge healing impact on my heart.
by the way, patty, you made me cry tears of joy.

there was plenty of snow that fell during our trip...perfect. just what i asked for.
ceej skied every day. i played with the nieces and nephews every day in and out of the snow.
also perfect.

my family indulged me and even let me talk politics. thank you.
we laughed a lot...especially with the little ones.
we had lots of good food at home and at our favorite restaurants.

we were sad to leave family and snow.
it was a true getaway...i forgot for a moment the things that worry me.

{photo by cj}
i was exhausted on the drive back...sleeping more than usual.
{thank you, ceej, for driving so much without someone to talk with you}.
ceej also braved the biggest blizzard ever through the sierras.
next time we will stay in reno if there is any sign of snow.
it was stressful to say the least...
but we are happy to be home safe.

{photo by cj}
{p.s. click here to see a video of one of cj's adventures...made by his brother}


Tiffany Kadani said...

Welcome back! I can't agree with you about liking the drive but you make it sound so romantic and fun that maybe I should rethink Nevada. I'll be heading out to SLC in October so I'll make sure to keep this post in mind.

Char said...

oh....i'm so happy the concert was wonderful. it makes me long for june. welcome home!

cindy* said...

your trip sounds wonderful and the photos are great! i live in reno and driving over the pass in bad weather is terrible and stressful. glad you made it!

kelly ann said...

this sounds like a dreamy, lovely, emotional trip - thank you for sharing, dear. <3

Kim Klassen said...

how truly fantastic...♥

Bernie said...

Glad you are home safe and sound and that you enjoyed this time with your family......:-) Hugs

Tonia said...

Gorgeous photos: wish your journey had been a less stressful one but at least the destination made up for it!

zlb said...

so sad i missed seeing you! thank you again so much for your lovely print, I love it. your little presents are soon to be packaged up and sent along!

Netti said...

Twas fabulous to see you! Love all of these pictures of your road trip!