manifesto monday: plan B


just as some of you predicted,
i was oh so blue about this: the seemingly end to a dream.
i was blue for a few days. very blue indeed.
but then,
as our hearts do for us humans,
my heart gathered all of its courage,
and i came up with a plan B
to get me on my way to the
Bread Loaf School of English this summer.
i'm going.
no matter what.
i'm finding ways.
and finding kind people all along the way.
plan A usually involved me, myself, and i.
plan B requires i ask for help
from so many good people...
good people at the school who so easily
reinstated my enrollment,
good people who want to point me in the right direction,
good people who are cheering me on
despite the size of this mountain.
thank you, dear readers,
for cheering me on.
i am climbing this mountain to the top:
asking for directions,
stopping to breathe and replenish when needed,
but always moving onward,
even if a giant boulder obstructs my way.
i will move around it, over it, under it.
whatever it takes.
plan B was always my best plan,
but i didn't know it.
plan B requires that i reach out,
admit my short-comings and mistakes,
and admit that i can do nothing on my own.

this i believe.


Tiffany Kadani said...

I am in love with your attitude. Yes, you should go! I am always believed if there's a will there's a way. I'm rooting for you!

Char said...

*standing ovation*

you go girl!

Anonymous said...

You are so positive. Your post inspired me.
Good luck.


jenna said...

Whoo hoo! So glad to hear it. I've gotta believe there's always a Plan B.

Cindy said...

hurray! i'm thinking of the song 'climb every mountain' from the sound of music! yep, that's the one.

Courtney said...

That's good Ann. I was sad that you seemed to be giving up on your dream, but wondered if maybe it wasn't really the dream and that was okay. But if it is, I agree that you can make it happen.