this is only the beginning...


yesterday i received this treasure of a book in the mail.
i am in love with the beautifully simple nature of its text and
its sketches especially.
this marks the beginning of my quest to learn as many names as possible
of plants, animals, bugs, etc.

it is a bit overwhelming...even with this simple book.
but, it is all so exciting at the same time.
can't wait for more field guides to arrive!
any suggestions of field guides or other such books i should investigate?


Teresa said...

Just lovely!
Love pics of nature!
You may want to pop over and take a peek at some of the pics I took on our hike Saturday!
I just adore your blog!

Bernie said...

Learning something new is a wonderful thing.....Good Luck with this and I am sure you will have a lot of fun with this project. Hugs

L said...

Pretty flowers! If you are interested in borrowing, I have field guides for Pacific marine plants and animals (mostly tidal zone critters), clouds, rocks and minerals, and, hmmm..., maybe something else. I like the Smithsonian and the National Audubon Society guides, but I'm sure there are many beautiful ones.

Caroline said...

What a beautiful book!! I love the last photo of , what great images of Spring. xo

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love books like those! Enclyclopedias back in the day were full of things like that. I would sit with one for hours when I was young. Beautiful photography, as per usual.

Emily said...

unfortunately I know nothing about field guides.
those photographs are gorgeous!

x Emily

Ziad Ali said...

oh i love thee kind of scientific books! they are beautiful.
i have my dad's bilogy textbook from when he was a boy, its wonderful.
Pearl xo

Jayni said...

You take photos of the loveliest things. I love this quest to learn plant and animal names :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

When I took botany in college, we had to learn 20 new plant names every week. At first I struggled and then I learned that if I wrote down the common names and then beside that, wrote the botanical names over and over until I had it. I guess being a visual person, it was the way I could remember them. I also found a great botany dictionary which proved to be really interesting to learn the 'root'(excuse the pun!) of the latin words. Good Luck!