manifesto monday: when the head battles the heart i always hope that the heart wins


i am definitely a woman of heart.
which is why, for reasons of the ego, i try so very hard to be
a woman of the mind.
i read lots of books, try to come up with logical arguments and goals.
i read about people and philosophies
and i tell myself i should mold myself to them...

but it never works.
trying to do it all and be it all simply because
that's what the books subtly whisper to my
mind, overcomes my beating heart.
my head tells my heart
that it is tainted with emotion and culture.
my heart does not like to fight back,
but it waits patiently for my head
to run itself around and around until it is fatigued
and finally gives into the heart.

last week my mind finally collapsed with everything i assumed i was
to accomplish in life.
and my heart humbly came to the rescue,
nurturing my head and telling me that none of it matters...
my heart lovingly overcame my head
and my real dreams came through
and what a relief it was.

my dreams are not the dreams the books tell me i should have.
my dreams are built upon the women that are my legacy and my heritage
with my individual strengths added upon them.
don't get me wrong here:
i am not about to throw out my books.
i think my head and my heart make a great team.
but sometimes my head can be a big bully...telling my heart it has no validity.
i am relieved throughout my entire soul that they are getting along again.

today my heart has a voice once again,
what peace this brings me.

this i believe.


beth said...

beautiful....just beautiful

zlb said...

ann i love this post. i feel this way so often and you articulated it perfectly. thank you. and OH MY GOODNESS that photo is divine. ranunculus are some of my most favorites . .. .please tell me you'd pretty please sell me a print of that? xoxo

nadia said...

this completely spoke to me. my mind and heart speak often sometimes one is louder than the other and sometimes they both whisper. i too read a lot and feel as if i have to identify with these women- wait i do in so may ways but what does that mean for me now...

Brittany said...

i am a woman of the heart too. this really meant a lot to me. thanks.

in lieu of postcards said...


thais said...

beautiful beautiful words, and adorable blog! so glad I just found you... became a follower and will came back to explore all your buttons.

Aline Correa said...

oh,this brought tears to my eyes.
thank you!

kelly ann said...

you are such a lovely soul. <3