i love being a woman : mo edwards {natural cowgirl, artist, singer/songwriter, most sincere and brilliant heart you'll ever encounter}


self-portrait by mo

no woman should go through life without a girlfriend like mo.
she'll do anything with you and anything for you.
she'll sing harmony with you and make you sound like a pro.
she'll tell you you're beautiful and ask you to sit for a portrait.
she writes songs that make your heart weep and your feet tap all at the same time.
her art is simultaneously personal yet universal and awe-some.
she shows up to your autumnal equinox parties dressed as an acorn
and comes to all your other possibly lame-o parties and rescues them with her presence.
she laughs at all your jokes, especially the dumb ones.
she knows what you want to say before you even say it,
but she listens anyway.
she's elegant and beautiful like no one else i know.
a woman to the core.
she is currently the artist in residence at this ranch
and...she just got engaged to the sweetest man!!
so happy for her.
here is her wonderful, wonderful list:

my feelings and experiences as a woman

1. Women are intuitive: they know without being told, they can see withheld tears, they can hear unsaid words.

2. I have a temper that I rarely speak of.

3. I hiked naked with some girlfriends once and we giggled the whole time.

4. Women have to continually reconstruct what it means to be a woman, and then continually deconstruct ideas of femininity.

5. I know a woman who had a double mastectomy because of breast cancer, and now she goes running with out a shirt or a bra.

6. I know a mother who had a horrible year, but instead of it destroying her, she somehow became more like herself.

7. I love hugging my mom and listening to her heartbeat. I love it when she braids my hair.

8. I feel too childlike to be a woman.

9. I don't like wearing shoes or brushing my hair.

10. For Christmas my grandma gives me poetry that she writes and her old jewelry. And also free stuff she gets in the mail.

this is one of my favorite songs mo wrote...
there's a couple false starts on this video,
it really picks up at about 50 seconds.
this was our 2008 autumnal equinox was a favorite night of mine.

thank you so much, mo, for sharing your list
and for being such a beautiful woman and friend.

mo working this past summer at the salt lake city farmers' market
p.s. mo is the dear friend i owe the most gratitude to...
she introduced me to ceej.
life will be perfect if i can have these two in my life
forever and ever.


amy said...

I have always had a sick crush on Mo, but this is taking things too far. This list is my favorite so far, numbers 4 and 5 especially, although I can relate to number 3 in a very happy way.

And that song! I loved it! Mo, you are awesome. And congratulations on your engagement! xoxoxo

zlb said...

moooosler toooosler. she is a favorite all the way around. yesterday i stopped by to see her (she is the angel watching over my parents home whilst on their grand adventure) and she is such a classy dame. i loved the brief times i've gotten to co-habitat with this woman and use power tools in the kitchen with her and wear too many layers huddled by our wood stove, oh man i love this lady!

Linda Whiting said...

i was wearing cowgirl boots. fun. i love mo. so does everyone. duiee.

holly jo said...

whoops...i was logged in as my moma. that was from me moey. loves.

nadia said...

i loved this so very much!

Netti said...

Pretty Mo! Love her list to pieces!

wort said...

Mo is my sister... I heard about #3 from someone else... Ha Ha. She is awesome.

Caroline said...

Beautiful thoughts on being a woman... We are quite a complicated bunch are we not? But i'll tell you...I don't think I could stand being a man! :)

Kate said...

Mo rocka


betcha she's never heard that NPR joke before.

Jordan Huntington said...

Mo is the prettiest girl I have ever seen, on her insides and outsides!