i love being a woman : jeanette cuthbert {family lover, budding graphic designer, gets a job because she says she loves chubby babies}


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sweet, sweet jeanette!
this woman gushes over her nieces and nephews,
loves making doughnuts with her mother,
and is head over heels for her less-than-a-year husband.
i am inspired by her willingness to pursue her dreams
while she works full time.
go jeanette!

here's her list of why she loves being a woman:

1. Communication. Most women I know seem to be great at communicating their hopes, fears and feelings, it seems to come natural to females. I'm a big fan of communication.

2. Emotions. Oh, the emotions of a woman!! I love the fact that my out of control emotions can be understood by other women. Talk about camaraderie!

3. Dressing up!! Pretty dresses, colored tights, button earrings. Putting together a satisfactorily cute outfit is one of those things that just makes me have a happy heart.

4. Compassion. I am so grateful for compassion, it helps me put myself in others shoes easily and feel for them, I feel like compassion is another quality that comes naturally to women.

5. The softening effect women have on men. Watching my sweet Grandpa melt around my Grandma, she is in a nursing home now because she needs constant care, and when he sees her he gets tears in his eyes and he hugs her and kisses her soft cheeks and tells her, "You are so beautiful!" And then he'll look at us and say, "Isn't she just so beautiful?!" Absolutely precious.

6. Zooey Deschanel. Love her! Love sharing "woman-ness" with someone as darling and talented as she!! Love the line in one of her songs, "What can you do with a sentimental heart?"

7. Sister. Daughter. Aunt Netti. When I get together with my mom and sisters, we are so giggly and our personalities just mesh perfectly. I just love them to pieces. I also love being "Aunt Netti" to my 15 nieces and nephews.

8. I love being Jesse's wife. I feel like a lucky girl.

9. Being a bride!! Oh my!! I loved being a bride! I must say, getting my pictures done whilst in my wedding dress was one of my all time favorite things I've ever done in my life!!

10. Chocolate! Enough said.

thank you jeanette!!


Kate said...

Hurrah & Happy International Women's Day!

C'est La Vie said...

Happy International woman's day!
what a perfect post!

Tiffany Kadani said...

She's so beautiful, inside and out! Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

I lover her dress. She is so beautiful!