manifesto monday: thoughts


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just dropped ceej off at the airport. he's headed home back to california. i'm just a few hours behind him. it's cloudy here in salt lake city, but the snow's brightness wrinkles my brow. i'm trying to avoid a headache. so i drink lots of water and try to relax before i take off. it's been a busy few days filled with kind people who were my portrait guinea pigs, and with family that makes me laugh: an entire day with celia jane and a birthday party for sisters. it was a sweet short little visit. i'll have to tell you more about it later.
trying to figure out how to slow down my life in all the right places and how to take off full speed ahead in others. i feel stretched and tired. i feel enlightened and determined. i know this is life. complete rest will never come, nor am i sure i want it to {of course, some days living an uneventful life is quite tempting indeed!}. my idle life will change in just a few months when i'll start working more, and hopefully starting school again. i'm so ready for it all, yet a little sad to see my leisurely life end. a time for everything, yes? how to take full advantage of my flexible schedule now? how to prepare for a busier future?

today i'm just thinking.


bigBANG studio said...

news! new! can't wait to discover what all these new adventures mean for you! proud of you for taking the leap, sweet ann marie!

(and p.s.- i'm the oldest of four girls...sounds like you're somewhere in the mix of five? hooray for little women!)

Caroline said...

I am thinking today too!! Hope your Monday is lovely!! xo

Lainey said...

If only we could brace ourselves for a busier future. All we can do is hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Hooray for the journey!

オテモヤン said...
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amy said...

Tough to follow a comment like the one above...

I'm so glad you had a nice full visit, and especially that you had an entire day with Celia Jane ;)

See you in March!