manifesto monday: standing


i have a feeling that i didn't get much done today. but i did. funny how that happens. i didn't get around to everything. there was absolutely no writing done today {except for right here, right now}, there was no progress made on photo projects i'm working on, there was no listening to the news, there was no knitting. i thought and thought. i thought about all my plans. i have lots of plans. but i feel as if i'm in a standing place at the moment. i'm not moving forward yet. maybe i'm swaying a little with some movement. this standing stage is interesting. i tell myself "at least i'm not running away." i'm standing. looking down at my toes, and up at the skies. i'm here with myself and the sky is the limit. i'm waiting. trying to be patient with myself. saying gratefuls for this slow time in my life right now. i'm standing. i'm firm, though i sway a bit. this i believe.

tomorrow i'll write more. i'll photograph more.

because i rested today.


Cindy said...

i don't mean to be little miss video on your blog, but i think you might like this song/video from kaisercartel. the two in the band were teachers in brooklyn. i love that and this song.

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Oh Ann!
I feel exactly the same, and is curled up in bed with a cup of tea, with a cold.
Why cant I make it all happen now. All my dreams and projects. And why is it all taking so long?
Tomorrow Ann, tomorrow we will be one step closer and one step wiser. So lets rest today assured that when we awake tomorrow, we will make it happen. Lets take one thing at the time;)
Big hugs!

Color Me Green said...

i have been standing still and considering various plans for so long that it's starting to frustrate my boyfriend. steps to action are the hard part but must come soon for me.

Erin said...

thank you for this post, it's something i can relate to lately. your words are always so lovely.

L said...

I like this image. My life feels pretty settled lately--I have no news, really, to share with friends when we talk. I like where my life is right now, but I know I don't want things to be quite like this forever. But, standing in one spot doesn't preclude me from walking--or running!--somewhere else later....