if you live in salt lake city, i need your help...


Ann spring 2009, originally uploaded by Ann Marie Whittaker.

i will be in salt lake city january 20th-25th. i need to practice photographing people. so if you want a

family photo,
portraits of you and your kids,
engagement photos,
or a love shoot...

i will do it for FREE.
{what a great little valentine you can give to your loved ones, yes?}
you rub my back and i'll rub yours.
if you are interested please email me at

and please spread the word!!

I'm totally booked!!! Thanks for all your support.

I'll be doing this again. One more time. Hopefully in March.

So stay tuned!

{photo of me doing what i love taken by the amazing cj whittaker}


Discovery Preschool said...

i don't live in salt lake city.. but i would drive there for a photo shoot for my family and i.. i love your work! just say where and when and i will try to arrange it:) thanks, that is mighty kind of you.
i just realized you said to e-mail you.. so that is what i'll do!

Jacqui said...

Um, yes. Love your style and wish I had more of it!

Susan said...

ohhhh wow. that sounds amazing...are you booked? can we work something out?

Lucie Couture said...

I believe you are on the verge of unlocking amazing talent, and I would cross the country to meet you and have you practice on my little family. Unfortunately I live in Quebec and I am quite stuck here. So, I am going to find out who of my friends in Salt Lake would be interested, and live their joy by procuration.
Lucie(the french girl)

bigBANG studio said...

dangit! salt lake city? phooey. come to joshua tree. i'll cook you and cj something and you can practice your snapping on all the colorful characters that live in the desert, human or otherwise.

and you can mix paint. i bet you'd be good at it. (shh...don't tell: it's not that hard! but i'm flattered to have your respect). xo.

Jackie Norris said...

Yey! I'm so excited! I sent you an e-mail and can't wait to hear back :)