'tis the season: music {part one}


do you remember the scene when beth comes down the stairs

on christmas day, fragile from scarlett fever, and she is surprised

with a new piano from mr. lawrence?

ever since that scene, christmas has not been the same without

a piano quietly playing carols at night in the warmth of a candle or small light.

i hope you enjoy this carol as much as i do.

and i hope you don't mind my out of tune piano

or the little creaks it makes.


onesilentwinter said...

oh happy this had made me. i miss my red piano!

more please!

BAWC said...

you are such a talented lass

bigBANG studio said...

my dear, you just made me spill tears into my morning rooibos. i'm the oldest of four girls and we WERE little women growing up. every summer we'd visit louisa may alcott's house in concord, ma, which is right down the road from our cousins, and every christmas break when all the sisters are together we sisters and my mummy sit on the floor next to the fire and watch little women. i can't even tell you how much i love that book, both movies, and now you have given me yet another gift- how heartwarming to listen as your graceful hands lovingly playing that carol on your old piano.

thank you.


m said...

do i remember that scene? of course!
i sort of like the out of tune character your piano makes.
so lovely.

Netti said...

Oh how I adore Little Women. And that part of the movie makes me bawl do multiple other parts of course. It made me happy to hear that song and you played it beautifully. Not to mention, love the way you filmed it! So pretty!

I love your piano! I want one. So badly.

Cindy said...

i enjoyed this very much and you have such delicate, pretty hands. love your rings, too.

G said...

I love the old version of Little Women (I mean the June Allyson version) and didn't think it could be topped. But the Winona Ryder cast was so wonderful. I bawled too. :) Thank you for the delightful clip, you talented lass.

Erin said...

that made me really happy

thank you!