'tis the season: deck the halls {part one}


decorating has always been the highlight of christmas for me...

but now it's an even bigger deal for me because it's hard to feel like it's christmas as soon as i step out my door everyday into sunny california weather. my mind has not yet adjusted, and so i need to seriously convince myself that it is indeed december, and christmas is right around the corner.

when night comes i turn on the twinkle lights, shut the blinds, turn on ella and bing singing christmas carols, and make food full of ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. only then do i feel in the spirit of things. i pretend that snowflakes are tip-toeing down to the ground, and that if i were to open my blinds i would be able to see the mountains of my childhood.

thank you, decorations, for making it look christmas-like...even if it only is in our little apartment.


Jasmine said...

You know its crept up on me this year. I saw someone putting their tree up in the window and thought, ooh, I must do that. Now you reminded me again. Your decorations are lovely.

Unknown said...

i love putting little decorations in unexpected places - just like your lamp.

i live in western michigan, and it usually snows in mid-november, which signals the start of holidays for me. it just started to snow for the first time tonight, which is a reminder for me to get a move on! i'd have such a hard time knowing when to put things up if i lived in a sunny place!

Saskia said...

I feel the same... until my little home has some twinkling sparkling lights hanging up and a few cheery reindeer living on my window sill it just doesn't quite feel like christmas!

Lovely lamp decoration!


Elisse Newey said...

After growing up in sacramento I have had difficulty feeling the christmas spirit any where else! The other day we had a particularly sunny and green day here in New York. Eric and I bought clementine oranges (our garage was always full of them at christmas) and played in the park in our light sweatshirts. We both felt like it was almost exactly like christmas back home. :)

nadia said...

when i moved here form canada, even though it is new england i was surprised and saddened when there was no trace of snow at christmas. somehow a snow fall does call out that the holiday season is here. So when it is not i too begin to decorate put ella and louis on and seem simmers the smells of christmas on the stove top! i also like creating little packages and plant paper whites and amaryllis bulbs.

ps. yesterday i ordered the version of little women i did not have thank you for that!