second try: on my mind...


i've been obsessed with these and this.

i admit it, i'm a bit nervous about acceptance to here and here.

i can hardly wait to do this and this over our christmas holiday.

i've been thinking about the realities written here and these realities as well.

i've been wondering how to get a job doing this or that.

i've been coveting this and this.

i've been wanting to live in a place like this where i can do more of this, or in a place like this where i can do more of this and this.

i've been very happy with this , this and this.

{oh yes, and i've been wanting to start doing this again.}


zlb said...

such a fun post! it was worth all the effort! like choose your own adventure.

bigBANG studio said...

oh *goodness* i had NO idea you applied to breadloaf! p's dearest friend from college just finished his second summer. i am crossing every finger and toe for you, my dear- god knows if this wee blog is just a taste of your talents you are a sure thing.

have you thought of the iowa writer's workshop, or the stegner fellowship at stanford?

and that picture of the carolina mountain house will be safety secured in my how-about-we-live-there-when-we-grow-up collection of beautiful places.

and my, but do you take beautiful pictures. big hugs to you, m'dear.


onesilentwinter said...

i have to say this is my favorite post ever! i can not wait to cross country ski( we might get a huge storm tonight) i dream of places i can go and deep woods i can explore with my camera. i can not wait to to plant my gardened in the spring!

i think it wonderful, your list and inspiration is beautiful and i know that you will do it all and so much more than you can not even see yet!

i think you are lovely, i think your eye sees what so many people over look and your heart feels the moments even though your heart at times might feel melancholy and your mind might be somewhere else i know you are happy.

Blue Satin Sashes said...

Fingers crossed for you!

sarah sample said...

love love love you anna. what a fun post. can't wait to see you. when do you come?