birthday report {part one}


of course we spent the afternoon at apple hill.
it's the most fall-feeling place here in california.
and i wanted my birthday to feel like my birthday.
first stop: apple cider doughnuts at rainbow orchards.

ceej picking out the best pumpkin.
we didn't buy one this time because
we're waiting for halloween to be a bit closer...
we don't want our jack-o-lanterns to rot too much
before the big night!

most of the orchards only open to the public for the fall months,
but boa vista is open all year round
selling the best apple cider you've ever had.

it was the perfect birthday.
we took so many photos.
so get ready for them!

wish you could have all joined our little party...
maybe next year.


Jasmine said...

Happy birthday :)

onesilentwinter said...

How wonderful!

yes my part one was spent in NY city with my mum and husband it was bliss. today it snowed on our farm and pumpkin fields! I am so glad we share birthday a day apart, in the fall October is the loveliest month! saturday we will be having our harvest b-day and gratitude dinner and will think of you here.

Lynn Muir said...

I was blog surfing and came across yours and wanted to let you know that I love your pictures! I am a total amateur picture taker, not worthy to be a photographer, but just wanted to let you know your photos have inspired me. Thanks! -Lynn Muir

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Oh, Ann Marie, what a lovely post and a beautiful blog! Happy 28th birthday! My birthday is tomorrow and I'll be--gasp--42! I still feel like a girl quite often, so I loved your post about turning 28. My body is reminding me that I'm not a girl, though, as I threw my back out this week and I suddenly feel like I'm 100. Sigh. Still, birthdays are good, especially October birthdays because we get to go apple picking and pumpkin picking and drink mulled cider and wear pretty sweaters and scarves and other fall layers. We are very lucky women/girls, indeed. xoxo Gigi

kim roney said...

dear ann
my name is kim roney. we have met on several occasions all at syl carsons yoga. you may remember me if you saw me. anyways, karen beagle and i are friends as well and she told me how beautiful your blog is a while ago so i read it occasionally and it truly is beautiful. thanks for the fun experiences. about 6 months ago my father and his wife moved to fair oaks just outside of sacramento. my sister and i are going to visit him in the beginning of november. knowing that we both love yoga, nature and so many other beautiful things i wanted to ask your advice on what we would love to do while there. My father is 94 and hasn't really done much there as it is difficult for them to go places. they don't drive much. thank goodness. but if you can suggest anything could you let me know? we are only there 2 days. not very long i know. but i am sure we will be back. we are looking for any beautiful places to see, restaurants that have charm, whatever. thanks so much. i really appreciate it. oh, and one other thing. did you post a recipe for butternut squash soup once upon a time. if so if it isn't asking too much could you send that to me. my email address is thanks so much.