Seriously Considering


This past week we've been leaning towards a move to Sacramento, CA ( I know, it's not as exciting as Australia, but it's a long story). We've been looking at homes for sale, and also considering buying a neglected home to remodel and make more energy effecient. But, last night we looked into some prefab homes...I'm in love. I never thought I'd go modern, but these are oh so great!

Adam Kalkin uses freight containers to build these lovely things...I love the "garage door" feature that allows you to have fresh air move through your home on nice weather days. It's a good way to re-use these containers that are polluting in too many ways as they sit on our earth's surface abandoned, doing nothing.

This little guy inspires me to create our own little commune where I can host some amazing yoga retreats. Wouldn't you love to come here, have your own dwelling outside to gaze at stars, and do yoga all day, every day?


Lane said...

These are awesome! I know Ali and Curtis are also obsessed with pre-fab homes.

ps. One perk of Sacto is the all-night dessert diner. I don't know if they have vegan, though :(

Ann Marie said...

we'll go to the dessert diner-vegan or non-vegan. Ceej is my taste tester. I took him to a cupcake place a few days ago to force him to eat one, and to tell me how good it was.

Liz said...

Duh- we already knew about this Chip has done a ton of research on these and wants to build a neighborhood here with the pre-fab energy friendly homes. That will be his next project. Also, one of my builders flew in town to meet with me to go over some similar projects across the country.
Maybe you guys can live in our neighborhood- well it won't be in California- yet!

Ann Marie said...

We've got lots of questions maybe you could answer, Liz. For instance:
1) who pays for the labor of building it, or is that including in the cost from the designers?
2) Is plumbing, electric, appliances part of the cost?
3)What is the re-sale value? Are they easy to sell?
4) Is it really environmentally friendly to keep building when we could fix up old homes, make them beautiful and energy already built house has a "footprint" so to say...should we really be building more?

amy said...

i have a lot of questions about these types of homes too...but they are undeniably rad.

when are you guys thinking of moving? if you are going to vacate your apartment, let me know because we will be looking for a place by the U this fall so i can be close to school (hooray for school), and i really liked y'all's place, especially the window in the kitchen-perfect for a window-sill herb garden!

speaking of your kitchen, my tarragon is in it, and your tupperware is in mine. i can live without the tarragon for a good long time, but i just wanted to remind myself to get you your tupperware back and let you know i haven't fogotten about it!