rome : foro romano


ceej and i were just thrilled to be together in rome--
so we were pretty lazy on the creative-tourist front.
we really just walked around a lot looking for food...

we did mosey in to a few tourist sites that are really great.
i love seeing the old roman ruins at the forum.
seriously pretty amazing...and amazing how they had
been buried over hundreds of years to make room for new construction.

i love the marble and stone in this city. it's incredible.


Jessica said...

love these. someday i want to visit that place. ah. <3

Melissa Fielman said...

You capture stunning photos. It's making my heart long for Roma even though it's not on my travel list. (Greece is, though!)

Rebecca Alexis said...

ROMA, by far one of my most favorite places in the world. I went there on an adventure all by myself. It was nice to have a complete love affair with the city whilst traveling alone. your photos capture the city well. xo

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful.
I went a few years ago and like you wondered around the forum in awe.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! All of these gorgeous photos make me want to travel. Pronto!

Natalie said...

Oh man! That first photo with the poppies has to be one of my favorites of yours! All of my favorite parts of Rome in this post, too. So lovely. :)

lucent imagery said...

I just adore the fact that they still use terracotta pots with a split in them. It seems so unpretentious and just moving with the flow of nature. The row of terracotta pots is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love this photos... the colors and the sensation to be there again. I was studying in Italy for one year (too many years ago), it was in Torino, the last year of my first BA. For me Italy is like my second home, the place where I learn to be an adult, to cook, to feel free... Thank you for sharing this pics. tvmnpic