wish you were here...


some more photos of our day at the beach last saturday.
wishing we lived a little closer...
like on-the-beach-closer

always bring a picnic when you go to the beach.
nothing better than that.

we fell in love watching all the birds, big ones and little ones.
loved the big ones nose-diving full-speed into the water to catch a fish,
and loved watching the little ones peck up their food on the sandy beach.

it symbolizes so much.

this grass looks beautiful,
but watch out! it's sharp!
it stabbed me a few times.

ceej and i chose a place far away from crowds...
but soon the crowds decided to go for a stroll,
and they came our way.
lots of lovely couples...everyone seemed to be very happy indeed.
the beach is some seriously good medicine.

water, picnics, blankets, cameras, lovers.
what more could you want?

here's our attempt at a timed-portrait.
we'll get better. i hope.

wish you were here to hang out!

have a great weekend.
we're spending ours at the Celtic Festival!

photos by ceej and me. coast. september 2009.


Peck Family said...

well, I love the beach for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holly jo said...
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holly jo said...

awe. the beach. the beach and the desert. they can heal hearts.

by the way, you and ceej take amazing photos. sometimes when i'm a lookin around here i feel like it is some sort of magazine. then i remember, oh no, just my friends and all that talent.

like that post about the farmers' market a while back? i vote for you to make a living with those cameras of yours.

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Wonderful photos, that me me ever so homesick...

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

If I could spell, the above comment should say "that make me ever so homesick."
Cant wait to go to the beach, with picnic basket in tow;)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Gosh these pictures are awesome!!! Looks like a great day at the beach!

Can I ask how you get your pics grouped in that way? sometimes 3, etc...?

Thanks and hope all is well with you!