manifesto monday: sans TV


for our wedding (almost 6 years ago!) we received many generous gifts: kitchen appliances and accessories, soft towels, camping gear, 5 crock-pots, lots of miscellaneous crystal candy dishes, and a TV. We've used all of our wedding gifts, and still have most of them. We no longer have the TV.

from day one, we decided we would not pay for cable or the small fee just for local channels...was TV really that important to us? nope. so for 6 years, almost, we have been TV-free. congratulations to us! here's what a marriage sans TV has done for us:

01. we actually talk to each other after work, during dinner, and after dinner. we have some really intellectual, silly, and emotional conversations. i'm glad i get to talk to cj rather than stare at a screen while sitting next to him. we've needed that talking time. marriage takes work, which really means, marriage takes talking. lots of talking.

02. we read together. right now we're reading roald dahl's "the BFG" (don't tell my siblings about this one...they might tease me about it! this is our little secret!). i like hearing cj let loose and get into the helps us to not take ourselves so seriously

03. we learn a lot about each other and our selves. right now i'm learning that i am an impatient, critical monster and cj is a guileless, patient saint. that's usually how it goes around here. bless his heart for not walking out the door.

04. we get to watch a movie on the weekend thanks to our little laptop. that's a big treat for us, to just cuddle up and watch a classic, a comedy, or a documentary.

marriage sans TV has been fantastic. this i believe.

photo of us reading...well, really cj is reading his book, and i am sitting next to him to take a photo that would relate to this post. but we really do read together often.