photo extravaganza: the milky way, epic battles, unexpected journeys, brilliant skies, & inspirational people


our week on a boat in southern utah was perfect.
there are a lot of photos (we took over 700!),

life on a boat for a few days was just what i needed.
it was extra fantastic because we had such wonderful people along.

there was good swimming in awe-some scenery.
luckily, this time no one was bit by any fish!

ceej was beyond happy.
this is his home.

oh yes, tube wars!
i can't believe how epic these battles were.
i can't believe these guys can still walk.
i can't believe they thought this was a good idea
to wrestle each other on tubes moving at high speeds
behind the boat.
this was, by far, the most entertaining part of the entire week.

we were recruited for a "death march."
some of us agreed only because we heard we'd be out
of the heat of the sun...
well, it was quite difficult and i was seriously unprepared:
wearing a skirt and sandles.
next time i'll ask for more beta on the death march.

here i am sitting on the back of the boat...
trying not to let the fishies nibble my toes.

like i said,
we were on the boat with some
people that i have come to really look up to.
they are kind, hard-working, interesting people...
not to mention how beautiful they all are.

here is our attempt at an "awkard family photo."
these two families have been going to lake powell together for
20 years now!
i consider myself completely lucky to now be part of it.

oh, and it rained.
my heart lept up.
could have sat in the rain for days.
it cleans me in and out.

i was most happy to be in such a beautiful place
with beautiful skies and land.
thank you to all who made this trip possible.
i loved sleeping under the milky way every night,
and filling my days with good conversation &
fun activities in a place dear to my heart.
until next year...
photos by ceej and me. lake powell august 2009.


lane said...


I have been having Powell withdrawals ever since I got back. Ditto everything you said--the beautiful place, good food, and especially the people. I feel so lucky that we have such incredible family friends.

I think it was the best week of my whole summer!

Special thanks to ceej for making it happen.


mim said...

Again, gorgeous photos! I love the bright one of you sitting on the back of the boat.