manifesto monday: out of hibernation


this last week i came out of hibernation from my 1970's california apartment. i left all my books, but one, at home--determined to resist the urge to crawl away to my own little corner of the desert. i made conscious efforts to talk to other humans...especially since everyone i was with was family or dear friends. i learned something.
i am an awkward person sometimes. i forgot how to hold normal conversations with people. the awkwardness was oh so difficult sometimes. but i kept to it. that's not to say that i ended up speaking with ease and eloquence by the end of my long week--hardly. i was awkward to the end. but that's what i learned: becoming a hermit has serious consequences on relationships, and it's going to take time and effort to learn how to listen and to talk. i'm willing. with a little work and discomfort i can maintain friendships, despite our differences, because our similarities are far more abundant. this i believe.
i will be sharing photos and stories with you all this week of my adventures last week. i can't wait for you to see some of our photos. this is a photo of a little storm we had...i was grateful for some cloud cover and drops of rain. the sky is always more interesting and beautiful when it is terrible.

glad to be back.

photos by me. lake powell 2009. polaroid.


mim said...

i'm getting hopelessly more awkward with every year. i always think you're hilarious and refreshingly honest and opinionated though-- good for conversation.

nicole said...

Haha, I love your honestly. I feel the same way - awkward. I swear, when I read your blog, I think we are two peas in a pod, you just say everything so much better than I could.

lane said...

What are you talking about? You are terribly interesting to talk to. I always look forward to seeing you and CJ so I can talk your heads off. Of course, this is coming from a fellow hermit. I never thought that getting myself out of the house and talking to people would be a chore. That's what happens when you move hundreds of miles away from friends and family!

julia said...

it is crazy and comforting to hear that other people, people i would never consider to be so, feel awkward too. what does the acknowledgement of our awkwardness mean? that it will go away, or perpetuate? i wish i couldn't feel it. but thank you for sharing your thoughts, as always. i love to hear what you have to say.