i really enjoy {cloudy} california...our little day trip to inverness & point reyes


couldn't have been happier this past weekend...
i went searching for gloomy weather,
and that's exactly what we ran into.
so very still, yet moody at the same time.

have you ever visited inverness?
it's a very small little town...
we usually drive right trough it {25 mph},
but this time we had a little extra cash
so we stopped by to get a treat...
so glad we did.

don't these lights look like they've seen some great weather?

i love driving by this "launch for hire" little pier.
i think that whoever has that job/life has it pretty good.
i wonder what they think of all us tourists:
wasting away our lives at jobs so we can have stuff.
we're working on breaking that cycle...
we want the tourists to come visit us someday.

lots of people love to sail and kayak here...
but ceej tells me these waters are known to be full of sharks.
i'll have to think hard about going in here.

ghostly boats.
always so mysterious...
what happened to them,
and why has no one removed them?
i'd like to know their stories.

this is one of my favorite little walks.
it begins in a living, breathing forest {photos to come}
then it opens up to this lovely little area
with a bridge, where the tide ebbs and flows.
it was oh so still here.
we watched a little crab eating for a good ten minutes.
it was so rhythmic about it.

we came to this age-old tree.
cj took some great photos with his graflex...
if only we had a scanner.
i could show you right now,
but you will have to wait.
{trust me, it will be worth it}

here we are.
loving our time away from sacramento.
too bad we can't live out here...
it would be a 2-hour commute each way.
sadly, not worth it.

wouldn't you like to spend a day here?
i'll take you here if you'd like.


kasscho said...

Ann Marie -It's so strange to realize someone is reading my posts. Having the settings for comments disabled for so long was kind of comforting. I was using the blog just to organize my thoughts (and poorly-written articles that I'm still editing). - But I guess the need to express, confess AND BE HEARD is pretty strong in all of us. To stand as a witness to a friend's life is touching & important. - It looks like you've got a lot of friends who do this for you.

I look forward to seeing more of your lovely pictures and prose.

A favor.....PLEASE tell me how you justify to the center in your posts. Even if I write in 'word' and then copy & paste to blogger, it still comes out left aligned.

Jill said...

Looks divine. I'm in love with small towns. The history. The simplicity. I love it.

Anonymous said...

So glad to read about your writing & photography plans. I love the outdoor wonders of Utah too...(more on blog). Private J.