thursday night thoughts...


photo via coulombic's photostream

tonight i need a place to record my recent changing attitudes and feelings--i give in more and more to change--i seem to do it more often these days (if you haven't noticed!). honestly, how can we not change when we receive new information every moment, and have enlightening experiences everyday? well, here's what i've been considering:

first. i am no longer vegan. as i study and learn more about ayurveda i understand that the essence of ghee is the essence of the sun. i see how lovely the tradition is in honoring humans, animals, and the earth. i am learning much about myself and my body--physically, mentally, and spiritually. my days are becoming slower, more deliberate, and stress-free, which is amazing for a anxious perfectionist like me. ayurveda is a gift.

second. i am slowly changing my idea of what a dream house is. mine is getting smaller, and more isolated. it will now be built by me and ceej (with help from necessary pro's) out of re-used materials (as opposed to new or even "recycled"). it will be a place where we and future kids will be able to experience the earth: notice the growing seasons, the stars as the earth spins, and the phase of the moon. less is becoming more to me.

third. i have now given myself permission to get only one master's degree rather than three. less is more. now i feel most comfortable getting a master's in ayurveda and sanskrit (it's ONE degree). 

i'm sure i will continue to change my mind...but this direction of simplicity is the direction i hope to stick with. i won't be perfect along the way. and all your tempting and seductive blog posts about the latest house design and the latest fashion trends will continue to tease me. but i hope i'll continue to work on being a more responsible human being...wanting less and less.


Andrea said...

You are so wise. Thanks for always teaching me new things. By the way, I LOVE all the photos on your blog.