Irish Night In Review


Irish Night was perfect this was a good combination of fun-filled activities, but very relaxed. We started with food: potato & cabbage stew, potato soup (made by the lovely Holly Jo), champ, yummy breads, raspberry swirl bread (brought by Mary & Matt) and a lemon-poppyseed cake with orange frosting and shamrocks.
We had maybe a bit too many of these edible gold pieces.

I found this milky green vase at a consignment shop, and thought it would be the perfect green decoration for our party.

A look at our delicious breads.

Mikey & Matt teamed up to MC the Limerick reading. Mikey's lounge-jazz piano was the perfect back-up for Matt's "prairie-home-companion" voice.

Hasen & Holly Jo listening intently to Limericks.

We ended the night with a viewing of Darby O'Gill and the Little People. I hadn't seen this since I was in elementary school. It was the perfect treat!
Below are all the Limerick's that were written for the night. ENJOY!
Writing limerick me no likey
It hurtin' me bad in the psyche
I'd rather be bloggin'
Than hurtin' my noggin
Does he ever stop tappin', that Mikey?
I set out to write some Limericks
Instead I shook my shimericks
The boys like it more
My woobies get sore
You heard it, now wiggle your wimerick!
-Holly Jo
A duckly wuck duck duck McGoogan
'twas playin' a duck duck a goosin'
When doggly wog dog dog
Fell down in the fog fog
And smashed duckly wuck duck McGoogan.
Michael Peck's a burgeoning linguist
Holly's potatoes came from a steam dish
By the look on his face
He quite liked the taste
Or had gas--his looks are hard to distinguish
In this room there are eight lord Christs
(I know cause I counted them twice)
I can't help but feel bad
For the thoughts that I've had
As they stare with their all seeing eyes.
My bonnie sweet Irish lass
With a body like an hourglass
Shaped like a fiddle
With a wee little middle
And bosoms as big as her great big ___

If you want to talk about eating
I'll just tell you you don't know the meaning
I came from a land in
Where it's always a famine
Like I told you, you don't know the meaning.


CJ said...

I sure missed out! Doh!

Ann Marie said...

Sorry, Charlie! We missed you!

holly jo said...

hey! cool hands.
fun fun fun. we missed you C.j.
Thanks ann.