Early tomorrow morning Ceej and I make the drive back to SLC...the 4th drive in two months. We don't drive much in the city, but we're certainly making up for it when we drive the 600+ miles to Utah so often. Sheesh.
Here's some of the scenic driving views.

Salt Flats. Of course.

Sometimes treacherous roads with high winds.

I happen to love the drive across the desert. It seems that every time we mention to people that we're driving to/from SLC they get this pitiful look on their face, and tell us how sorry they are for us that we have to drive across the Nevada desert...but I happen to really enjoy this drive. It is so nice to see miles and miles of nothing but brown and gold against a blue, blue sky.

Then we hit the Sierras...winding roads that never fail to make me carsick OR hours of stopped traffic during a snow storm. Pretty, but I'm always glad when the winding is done.

Traffic from Tahoe skiers. Boo.

When CJ drives I sit in the backseat, directly behind him. This is my new strategy because the passenger side of the car blows a nasty cold draft (even when the heater is on), and I freeze to death. So I moved over to the warm side of the car.

The stuff.

Sunset. For some reason now whenever we see a sunset in California I think of trapper-keeper scenes--you know, the ones with palm trees and the sunset colors of orange, pink, and teal? So California.

And, my good companion, the moon.
So next week I start my semester away from Ceej. I don't think it's quite hit me yet. We're both going to be lonesome for sure. This college degree better be worth it (I'm sure it will be, hopefully). See all of you in SLC!


liz said...

salt lake city is the best!!! does cj get lonely driving alon in the front? its kind of like you are his boss.

Ann Marie said...

Yes, I am the boss. He's my chauffeur. I slap him on the head if he does anything out of line.

liz said...

"dang, heck.... i told you to turn right!!!!"

Natalie said...

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous you are going back to Utah. Good luck with the upcoming semester. That would suck to be away from eachother for so long.

Dee said...

I'm so glad you're back in Utah! We have to get together! I'm totally jealous you're starting school.

And I love the way you see the desert.