Manifesto Monday: Small & Simple Things


Disclaimer: My thoughts are jumbled today, but my heart is full. Please excuse the likely nonsense below.

I believe in small and simple things. To me, the small things are indeed great things. Throughout my life I have been able to do simple things because there was not always the means to do great things. In many ways, this has been a blessing in disguise. Because I did not have the money to study abroad in Europe or to spend a few weeks in Africa tending to suffering people there, I was able to take dinner to my aging grandparents weekly. This has been a most wonderful gift to me. Now that I live far from home I have those memories of sitting at the table with my sweetheart of a grandmother, Celia Jane, and my simply noble grandfather, Newel--these memories are indeed great to my heart. Because I was not able to pursue a college degree at an ivy-league school I was able to take my time with course work, and this time allowed me to do some serious soul-searching along the way. Because I am not an heiress of some great estate I am grateful for $10-date-nights, and the virtue of thrift. I cherish every love note, homemade gift, and kind word spoken. Because my life has not been completely taken over by a lofty career, I have time to watch the snowfall, and to take walks through fall leaves.
I am grateful for the course of my life--it has made it possible for me to notice the small things that are truly great: family, people, neighbors, trees, flowers, leaves, and love notes.

photo: circa 1953 Salt Lake City, UT--Noblice, Dianne, Connie


Dianne said...

I'm very glad, even relieved, to read your entry today. JoAnn Ottley, prominent singer, vocal coach--husband directed the Tab. Choir; told a class I was in that "the top" is not always the happiest place to be. Your remarks are similar to how I feel about my life. AND, am I not wearing the best hat in the world?!! And Noblice, I no idea we had a picture of her. She lived right next door to us. She didn't come to play with us much. I don't know why. They moved soon. And, I like that the streets didn't need to be plowed. It was all snow, nothing by snow.

Natalie said...

That truly is a gift to be able to know your grandparents. What a wonderful post! I agree, it is so important to notice the small and simple things in life especially this time of year. After all, the birth of the Savior was simple and he came small but what greatness came from him and his life. Thank you for sharing your full heart!

liz said...

Simple is beautiful!