Friday Issue Roundup: Issue 1 "Finding Beauty In a Broken World"


This is Terry Tempest Williams. A Writer. An activist. A beautiful woman. An evironmentalist. Last spring a good friend told me about an experience she had with Terry, and books that she had read for a class written by her. I was curious, and wanted to read myself. So I bought Refuge. Haven't read it yet, but hope to do so over the break. Then the same friend stayed with us this summer. She told me that Terry could be my light in this frustrating world...long story short: I've got a serious crush on this woman, and I haven't even met her, and am probably now way to shy to even approach her! Sheesh!
This is her latest book. I think I need this book. I know a lot of women (and men) who could really use something beautiful in this truly broken world. I invite you to read Terry's books with me.

p.s. I'll let you know if I finally get the guts to talk to this woman in person!


Elisse Bybee said...

I love her books. I first read "leap" while in Spain one summer. The book follows her study of Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch and how it relates to her experience with Mormonism. It was beautiful and brought life to so many of the small things I had never noticed (both about the painting and my religion).
I feel a little silly leaving a comment even though you probably don't know who I am, but I sometimes end up on your blog through Ashley and Zina's blogs and this time I couldn't help but say "amen. amen. amen."

Ann Marie said...

Hi! I TOTALLY know who you are! So pleased you left this comment. Thank you!

Dee said...

Artie and I spotted this book in the window outside King's English. We were intrigued by the title very much. I've since browsed all of her books in there. They look amazing.