Happy Birthday Ceej!


So I went a little overboard on the photos...but I couldn't resist. Here's a little about my favorite guy in the entire universe!
CJ loves anything to do with snow and friends. This was our "sauna" at the yurt last year. (CJ, Ann, Phil, Hasen)
I always love CJ's night photos. He takes time to capture great moments.

He is always up for a good show. His favorite locals are: Hasenpfeffer & the Bomdiggity, St. Boheme (are you guys ever getting back together?!), Philipe Leffler, Matt Cline, Beaux Underwood, and Mo Edwards.

CJ skiis every month of the year. He missed October this year, and I think it literally broke his heart.

I rarely go skiing in the backcountry with this guy because look at the terrain! No chutes for me, thank you.

This is CJ's favorite place to sleep: on a tarp in the desert.

Indian Creek: one of his favorite places. CJ is a great environmentalist and steward. He is so passionate about preserving beautiful places, and living a more sustainable life. If any of you were wanting to give a gift to CJ, you could just donate to SUWA for him. He'd love you for life!

CJ has a lovely and honest sense of humor. I love all the water sports he's invented. He's guaranteed to make us laugh!

He is a great art lover (and artist himself!). CJ is oh so good at supporting local artists. His favorites are Zachary Proctor and Trent Call. His favorite all-time artist is the awe-some John Singer Sargent.

Basically, CJ can fix anything: our car, our bikes, the computer, the house, my broken heart, etc.

One of CJ's favorite camping passtimes: making shapes with a headlamp. CJ is in this photo, but you can't see him...he's the one with the headlamp.

This is CJ's favorite treasure which is now in the hands of his brother. He misses it oh so much!

He's a food-lover with tastebuds that can sense ANY spice. He's also the only person I've ever known to describe an eating experience as "sacred."

Skiing is definitely CJ's natural gift. He's been skiing since age 2, and is a pro telemarker and teacher.

A bit too scary for me. Thank goodness he wears a helmet!

I can't help but gush over CJ! He's the epitome of "without guile": slow to offense and quick to forgive. He's also got a brain and memory that will knock your socks off. I amazed every day at the things he remembers and processes. He's constantly going: learning, moving, and planning.

I'm sure Ceej would rather be eating a cupcake in Indian Creek for his birthday today. Maybe next year!

CJ climbing in City of Rocks (James belaying).

The float CJ spray-painted for the "Shop Outside the Box" parade that he helped oraganize last year. I love that CJ is so active in the community and politics. He always knows what's going on, and is constantly helping in every way he can.
I love how much CJ loves life and people. He is so dedicated and so loyal. He loves his friends and family dearly. We miss all of you, and wish you could come for our little party tonight!!!


Joe said...

Happy Birthday CJ!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday CJ! We all wish we were camping at Indian Creek with you.

liz said...

ha ha- funny. This morning, I thought, "Isn't CJ's birthday coming up?" Yes- Happy Day CJ!!

Natalie said...

Sounds like you two are perfect for eachother! I think I've only met him once but hope CJ has good day.

Whittaker Family said...

Yep, CJ rules. Nice birthday tribute, Ann.

katherine said...

Such a sweet tribute to such a wonderful person! Happy birthday, Ceej!

Dianne said...

Best of birthdays to a swell fellow!! We miss our Sunday dinner conversations. Soon, we will have one, or or three for the holidays.

Hasenpfeffer said...

He's alright, if you're into curly heads.

Marie said...

Sorry I'm a little late but Happy Birthday CJ. I hope it was a good one!

lane said...

Yay for CJ! He has been one of my favorite people ever since I was a kid. Seriously, some people you just know you will want to be friends with for your whole life--and for me and my fam that is the Whittakers.

Even better, CJ married someone who is now another one of my favorite people :)