Women Protecting Wilderness Campaign


SUWA is launching a fantastic campaign to get women (men can, of course, contribute if they want!) to speak and share their love for the wilderness. I think this is a fantastic idea. You can visit this site here to learn more about it, and to learn how you can help. People are always asking me, "What can I do to really make a difference?" The first thing is we must speak out. Silence and fear need to be overcome. Then share what is important to you...take people to the places you love. Give books away that have changed your life. Paint a picture that shows how you felt when you first saw the red rock of southern Utah. There's so much we can do, especially as women.

A bit from the site:

The Power of Women:
1. Women comprise a majority of registered voters.
2. Women make as much as 85% of all consumer purchases.
3. Women are the most important educators in society, both as teachers where we dominate the profession, and as parents where we still outnumber men.
4. Women are starting new businesses at a faster rate than men.

We should feel empowered by these facts. We have a tremendous influence in the marketplace, in the business world, at the polls, and in the next generation. We have the power to create the world we want to see in the future. The best first step is to start deciding what kind of future we want. What do we want the future of our public lands to be? We need to start the conversation!


liz said...

I like this.... women are powerful even thought TV and Hollywood want us to think different. Go ladies!!!

Dianne said...

I am talking to more of my "old" girl friends about our circumstances as have grown older. These friends are from high school: let's see, how many years since 1965? The interesting part of our lives in 2008 is that we have found ourselves as being the ones considered "stabilizing our families." We are all "the girls." Some came from difficult childhoods. Some came from strong family childhoods; but the point is that there are qualities that are inborn in women that turn toward nurturing, giving hope, desiring harmony. We have been given important work to do.