Simon Critchley "Branding Democracy: Barack Obama and the American Void"


This video is 94 minutes long. But I know a lot of you wasted 90 minutes watching at least one of the presidential/vice-presidential debates (as I did). So take some serious time. Very interesting and informative. Some of the better 94 minutes you'll have.


Dee said...

It must be very frustrating for you to see something it seems very few people do. I admire you for speaking out and appreciate all of your posts. I am excited to watch this video. I surely did waste my time watching those debates, but at least I had a few good laughs! It's political comedy.

Natalie said...

I will have to watch it when my kids are asleep. I didn't watch the debate. Out here in the country we don't have TV and I wasn't about to spend money to get the regular channels. I am having a hard time getting excited about this election. I know it's not a good attitude to have, but I feel like it is all so hopeless. I need to do better and get more involved so it isn't so hopeless. I think that is why our country is in the trouble it is in right now. Too many people, like me, don't stand up for what they believe.

Ann Marie said...

Nat! I totally know how you feel. I think if you spent some time researching Ralph Nader you'd be refreshed and feel hope again. Try going to youtube to watch some video of him speaking. It's like nothing you've seen or heard in politics before. He's so straight up, honest, and altruistic. Most people who feel like there's no hope and that I have research Ralph end up really liking him. So give him a go!

lane said...

I loved that I got to watch one of those debates with you...although perhaps a little against your will. You know waaay more about politics than most people, and certainly more than some of the vice-presidential candidates :)

I always admire the commitment you and CJ have, I wish you would blog about it more so I could benefit from your research!