Oil Shale Not the Answer!


I read this article today that, surprisingly, showed up in the Deseret News. Ceej and I are just two of the millions of people who love the Utah landscape, and do not support oil shale drilling or anything of the sort. Recently Congressman Matheson added to the shale bill--lifting the ban on developing oil shale on federal lands in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Boo. Double Boo. 

Aren't we humans evolved enough to stop polluting and damaging beautiful and sacred places? Please stop driving your cars so much. Please stop buying useless plastic junk. Please move near farmer's markets, co-ops, local bookstores, and restaurants, etc. so you don't have to drive to get there.  Please use things until they are broken beyond repair. Adopt some sort of thrift values. PLEASE.

And one more thing, email Matheson to tell him you do not support him or this bill.

This is what I wrote to him:

Dear Mr. Matheson,
I know you won't read this, which is sad, because you are supposed to be a servant of the people. I know one of your staffers will send me a standard response that says, "I'll do what I want. I don't care to listen to you as a citizen of the community." But I will write nevertheless. I think your oil shale bill is ridiculous. I believe you have no respect for beautiful or sacred spaces. I wish you would protect our land, and put more effort into alternate energy sources. Or better yet, ask more of us citizens. Ask us to drive less, to buy less stuff we don't need. We speak of the Greatest Generation. Why? They knew how to sacrifice. We don't. Please stop trying to drill and develop our beautiful open spaces. I will never vote for you because you do not represent me. You represent developers and drillers. 
Ann Marie


Dee said...

YES! I WILL write too. Your letter, SO well stated. I'm so angry right now! I just read about development threatening Yellowstone! THAT place is sacred to me as well. All I could think is NO, NO, NO! And YES, our leaders should ask us to use less! We do not NEED more oil! I've got to read this article and find out how this is justified.

Dee said...

I just read this in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Democrats call the energy bill a compromise because, while it lifts the drilling ban, it limits offshore drilling to at least 50 miles from U.S. coasts. And the bill would repeal $18 billion in oil industry tax breaks and promote development of alternative sources of energy. Utah Republican Congressmen Rob Bishop and Chris Cannon voted against it.
Both the oil-shale development measure and the approval of limited offshore drilling are the Democrats' way of countering Republican claims that the GOP is fighting to lower the price of fuel while Democrats stand in the way. Oil from shale would have no effect on pump prices for a decade, if ever, since the technology to produce it is years away.

So are Democrats throwing in the towel, or are these compromises that will lead to the use of alternate energy sources in the future, thus leading to the fulfillment of long-term goals? What would happen if Democrats said NO, no, no under any circumstances, NO? I'm really asking. I fear Republicans would take over, and all would be worse. Perhaps Democrats make it worse by NOT taking a stand. I don't know. As I write this I truly don't know if this justifies it, because I absolutely HATE the idea of oil-drilling and development. I'm starting to see Democrats giving in waaaaay too much.

Dee said...

Sorry, I'm back again. So just realizing that Democrats have opened the gate for oil-shale production, so what if the BLM would be able to regulate it. It would still be happening, and they've thrown in the towel. Yes, this I do think this is wrong, and looks desperate on the eve of a big election.