Back In the Saddle Again!


What saddle am I back in? Unemployment. . I hate quitting. Especially when I usually tend to quit without a moment's notice.

So why did I quit? It was too much receptionist and not enough yoga. Office work and answering phones kills me. I could feel the life fleeing from my soul. I will be working on being satisfied with out simple life here. I would rather spend time going to the farmer's markets, cooking real food, writing notes, making surprises, and stopping by Ceej's work to say hi in the middle of the day.

Now I've learned my lesson to hold out for a 100% yoga job. It's the only job I think I could have right now. Once I get my PhD then I could see myself teaching history.


Dee said...

Oh, sorry it didn't work out but I don't blame you AT ALL. Life is too precious to waste time doing anything that is not absolutely necessary or good for your soul! I would have done the same thing. Answering phones? No thanks!

Hasenpfeffer said...

I love quitting jobs. It's the best feeling in the world. I do it all the time and I think more people should quit their jobs. In fact, I think most people should quit their jobs. Work is a good thing, unless it sucks your soul and makes you unhappy. The idea of working for the sake of work is insane to me. Before the age of plastic surplus and invisible money in which we live, there existed fewer mind-numbing jobs, I think. More people worked the land, built from the hand and from the heart, made with pride and a sense of ownership and responsibility. Less people answered phone calls that were for somebody else, put plastic sleeves on conveyor-belted products before they entered the heat-shrinking oven, paid someone else's taxes with that someone else's money, babysat the emotionally lost children of irresponsible parents, sewed a replica button in a replica location on a replica shirt a thousand times a day. More people felt connected to the work they did, felt it was important and beneficial, and it was. Now the majority of people in the world work so that the wealthy can have unnecessary conveniences like bright plastic lawn ornaments, all-wheel drive installed with DVD player and satellite positioning system petroleum slurping vehicles, a number 4 combo meal with Diet Coke, 88 channels of commercial advertisements, high speed pornography, perkier boobs, and cellular phony communication devices.
Most people should quit their jobs because most people aren't happy at their jobs. It's depressing the entire world. What if we all did jobs that we loved? Because it doesn't pay enough? Then sell your moneypit car, move into a cheaper home, stop buying crap and other fecal products, and do what you love. It's not always easy to find that thing, but it's easy to tell when you've found something that ISN'T that thing. Every time you quit a job you hate, you've progressed closer to a job you love and you've also taken a little bit more control of your life and your happiness.
I love quitting jobs. I love dropping out of school. I love realizing that if something is stealing my happiness, I DON'T HAVE TO DO IT. It's empowering, it's responsible, and it benefits humanity.