Discussions over a weekend...


This weekend was spent down in Southern Utah with a few friends. As always, we had some enlightening conversations...many of them on the same topics as usual (but each time we discuss we learn something new). So, if you're interested, here's a list of topics that we mulled over.
1. Education: Why didn't any of us really learn about Marxism, Socialism, or even Capitalism?! We vowed to institute research projects for our families.
2. Love Thy Neighbor: If all of us truly knew our neighbors (what they were talented at, passionate about, or what made their hearts ache) we might be more tolerant of different view points. Suggestion: start more groups to meet regularly, like a Current Events group, at church where anyone can talk about anything.
3. Speak UP: Many people want to be heard, but are never given a chance. When we don't feel heard our hearts break, and often become bitter. Wish: that each week we had a different teacher for each lesson at church.
4. Give me, give me, give me: Wal-Mart, Urban Sprawl, the environment, humanity, and consumerism. Reminder: EVERYTHING we buy has an impact on humanity and the earth.
5. Gulp: how uncomfortable, but true, is the history of our church. What to do with all that info?: keep studying, discussing, and praying.
6. Endemic: boys who are apethetic in relationships and have no desire for marriage. Prediction: 45-year-old creeps.
7. Disconnected: There needs to be more awareness between our diets and how our bodies are breaking down. There needs to be the connection that what we consume causes, yes, even mass killings in other parts of the world. Plea: think more on our inter-connectedness before we think of out-of-control-consuming selves.
8. Teenagers: What are we going to do when we have them ourselves? Hope: that our own examples will lead the way.
9. The Status Quo: How to get out. Institution Reform.
10. Jokes. To lighten the air.


holly jo said...

What a precise (and humorous) "prediction." The desert was beautiful... I am glad we went on that little hike. I would also like to see more of the photos C.J. took. I'll call next time I am down in SLC and maybe I can see them in exchange for a colorful little surprise...if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I look at the subjects you discussed and thought of your blog title: I am an age-old tree. I thought there are "old trees" in our lives that help with the feelings of disconnectedness. Do we turn to them to talk and hear what they have learned in life? That has been my source of staying connected. i have learned to ignore the fads and trends that are really nothing new.

ashsan said...

these conversations sound siimilar...who did you have them with? thank you for that trip; although I was a quiet mouse it really helped me.


Hasen-Bible Magic Bones said...

What about us 30-year old perverts?