there are bluebells in our high desert mountains


a couple weekends ago ceej and i took a break from all the unpacking at the new house
to head up to the mountains to see them in all their spring-green glory...and i was
happy to see that the bluebells were out. a treat indeed.
aspen groves, blooming flowers, and fresh air.
this is the summer i can really get to love...before the sun gets too hot.

it's starting to feel like we won't be settled in our new home until fall.
summer is just so busy.

i hop on a plane bound for england on saturday:
my last semester at oxford.
graduation. crazy.

i try not to think of six weeks without ceej. it rips my heart.
i try to think of shakespeare, oxford, the globe, tea, the bodleian library.
that's the fun part. that's the part that is the dream.
i try not to dwell on the sacrifice.

in the mean time, i'm enjoying my last couple of days at home in my mountains with ceej.


Angy is my name. said...

Best of luck with your last semester at Oxford. Magic. Looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous photos when you return.... as well some shots of your new home in the mountains! Safe travels xx

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful pictures!

Safe travels!

kylie said...

way to stay positive! what an adventure! enjoy it!

Unknown said...

bravo, you. I'm doing 3 months away from my man, after a 2 month separation earlier this year. It's painful and brutal, but I will say that it has helped me appreciate marriage and having my best friend closer.

you're so right not to dwell on the sacrifice. I need to be better about that. I'm a dweller.

wishing you all the best at Oxford. Can't wait to follow along :)

side note: i'll be in salt lake city this weekend and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for things (preferably things in nature) that I should see while I'm there? any tips would be much appreciated!


Rick said...

Beautiful Photos, beautiful photography of tree, mountain