keats for valentine's


three years ago i spent a graduate summer with keats and professor ronald sharp
studying every syllable, every letter to family & friends, and every bit we could
about keats, skepticism, and the religion of beauty.
it was common for all of us students to leave class in hushed tears.
minds and hearts blown far, far away.
it was the perfect way to begin my graduate studies in english literature.
and i've been a devout keatsian ever since.

so i thought it quite appropriate to share with you some of my favorite
lines from poems and letters concerning love for the big day tomorrow.

the thing that got me so much about keats was his ability to capture paradox
with every word and syllable.
you see, the thing that makes love so very powerful is that we could lose
it all at any moment--all of us.
death is all too close. so we must love.

hope you find ways to share these lovely words with loved ones.


ema said...

Thank you! I needed some gorgeous snippets of language today.

Unknown said...

What a gift you have given me today! Amongst all the busyness of cutting out hearts and shifting through cards for the littles to take to school, it is a small precious wonder to remember Keats and all the ways he speaks to me. Keats IS Language. He is language in the way that sound and movement dance across the page, pen poised, ink scratched and etched into the recesses of our soul and the daydreams of our hearts. thank you for this little looking glass into my own longings, my own desires, my own hopes and my own wings, wanting to stretch out & take flight. xo

Debie Grace said...

I've never heard of this but it sounds interesting. Probably in Summer, after this semester will end, I'd read about it.

the wild magnolia said...

thrilling words of Keats.

thank you.

natalie said...

beautifully said x

Anya said...

Beautiful quotes and wonderful post. Thank you for an inspiration, Anne-Marie.

Gigi said...

Have you heard Ben Whishaw read Keats (on "Bright Star" soundtrack) quite breathtaking & swoonworthy.


Emily Brisse said...

I completed my senior seminar in college on Keats and Keats alone, and I love him, as I love these quotes, as I love the "Happy Is England" poem I kept next to my bed for the longest time. *Sigh* Thanks for bringing me back to him today. Love is a good thing, indeed.

Jenna Opsahl said...

Your blog makes me very happy. =]
These Keats quotes are beautiful, and I love how his work is described as a religion of beauty. So awesome

marie said...

thank you for this beautiful post.