the cabin : before the storm


we've been spending many weekends up at the cabin...thus, the cabin-photo-overload.
don't worry. there's more to come.

anyway, these photos are from a couple of weeks ago before the big snowstorm hit us.
we did lots of walking around the mountain, and we made sure to visit the small
little spot in an aspen forest where ceej proposed to me nine years's the story:

halloween night i dressed up as an elf (lord of the rings style) and ceej was a hobbit (samwise).
i think we made the best couple for the entire night...
after going to a party down in the city we made the slow drive through a snowstorm up to
the next party that was going on in the woods up at the cabin. i can't really remember who was
there as many of the surrounding details are quite foggy in my head. i had no idea ceej would
be proposing that weekend.

everyone fell asleep and we all awoke the next morning to more snowfall.
ceej suggested we go for a walk so we could talk...which i, for some reason, interpreted as an excuse to break up withme away from the crowd, you know, giving me some space to cry with no one else watching.

we walked for some time, and finally ceej stopped me, grabbed my shoulders and looked straight into my eyes. i knew it. this was what he was trying to get the courage up to gently break my heart...

but then he got down on his knees in the snow, surrounded by aspens, and boy was i confused...
what was he doing down there?!
i started crying and got down on my knees too....

so there we were, in the forest on our knees, snow falling gently.
and lucky for me he didn't break up with me, but asked me to marry him!
he pulled out two conk shell rings from his pocket that he had bought years ago in the carribean
for the woman he would someday marry. holy smokes. was this guy for real?

i cried. i said yes. he kissed me. and i kept crying. for joy. in the snow.
the engagement was short, and less than two months later we were married...on a cold snowy day.

and today is cj's we are celebrating with little things all day:
a little gift here and there, meals together, notes, and phone calls.

lucky, lucky me.


Tania said...

What a beautiful story!! and those photographs... breathtaking!! I love your dress! Where is it from? x

Cassie said...

That is a lovely engagement story. And coincidental that when I looked at that photo of you looking back over your shoulder at the camera, I thought you looked for sure like a lovely elven lady. Also, that clothing combo is something magical.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks, ladies! You're so kind.

Tania, the dress was made by a local woman and only a few were sold here in SLC at a little botique. I've had it for at least five years, and it's one of my faves. Thanks for asking!

sarah said...

Beautiful story :-) And I love the way you jumble all these beautiful photographs together as if they're ordinary, everyday photographs and not pictures that could each be showcased on their own.

I love your hairstyle.

Emily Brisse said...

It is no wonder you return and return to this cabin. So many reasons! Perhaps the greatest of these being that tender realm of forever love.

Dee Paulino said...

These images are dreamy!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful story. And such lovely photographs!

Lana said...

Beautiful. All of it.

The Egg said...

such a sweet story! and i love how you cried and fell to YOUR knees! happiest birthday to ceej!

xo the egg out west.

Anonymous said...

a lovely story and a lovely cabin as well. it looks like a place where great memories are made.


sarah sample said...

I love this story, funny I don't know that I had heard all of it. It strikes me that you thought he was going to break your heart! Love you both. Glad you have the cabin, beautiful photos!

Marissa said...

Those are some of the most beautiful photos ever. I love the story they tell and your engagement story!! So magical <3

Sarah said...

That. Is. Lovely. thank you

sweet harvest moon said...

The cabin, the snow, LOTR Halloween costumes, the shell rings, ... Such a beautiful engagement!

I wish you both all the love in the world!

Sara x

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

Such a lovely and romantic story! You're a beautiful couple.

Jenner Brown said...

Kind of obsessed with your posts, soooo pretty, amazing photography

Ann Marie said...

awwww. thanks, jenner!

Sera said...

I wanted to leave a comment about how beautiful your story, photos, and dress are, but I see that everyone has already said it ;) I guess I could still comment on both of your smiles!! You look so at ease and peaceful. Thank you for sharing xx


jmw said...

oh, such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. I miss you guys.