at the cabin : the snow came and so we went out


we were so confident that this snow storm would be pure bliss...and that our little car
would make it up the mountain. we were so close! but some teenagers decided the middle
of the road was the perfect place for a jump...and it was. however, it slowed our momentum
as we tried to go around, and we ended up in the little ditch on the side of the road. see proof here.
thanks to some neighbors passing by we were able to get the car unstuck and we slowly
backed down the mountain, and skied back up to the cabin.

once we were settled inside after that car vs. snow extravaganza we were happy with
a cozy fire inside knowing that friends were on their way up. their car made it. i guess clearance matters.

we ate butternut squash-mushroom pasta and a delicious salad. my new fave meal this fall.

then the four of us were off for a late-night ski/snowshoe through the snowy woods.
the snow is beautiful at night. loved every minute of it.

hot chocolate and doughnuts ensued. bellies were happy. and so were we as we all cuddled up
and watched a class, "waking ned devine." this film will never get old. makes my heart happy.

the next day we had breakfast with our friends, and sent them on their way home.
ceej and i lingered for one more ski tour around the mountain during daylight.
such bliss. always worth lingering.


Madison said...

oh my! all that snow - how fun! i've yet to experience snow like that (well maybe when i was 10 when i went skiing but i don't remember it). i'm hoping when i go to canada in january it'll be snowing :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful snow! I am still waiting for the big snow here in Wisconsin. We have only had flurries.

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful pictures! I really hope it is going to snow this year!

Dee Paulino said...

your photos always leave me breathless!

Debie Grace said...

I want to try skiing! BTW, these photos are so pretty. :)

rusty {rambles} said...

Looks just perfect. Hard to imagine so much snow from where I'm sitting now. You had me at cabin.