voyage magazine : travel edition


finally. our first edition is here. i'm so proud to be friends and traveling companions with these two women, britt and marte.
their photographs and images are phenomenal. you'll love them.

amongst all the photos are our thoughts on travel, and some
of our favorite travel tips and must-have's.

throughout the week i'll be sharing some outtakes here on my blog. i'll show you more of my photos from norway and italy,
and talk about more travel details. i'm getting a bit wanderlusty
just thinking about it all.

i hope you enjoy it. would love to hear what you think of our first edition.

{there will be two more editions released soon, and they only get better!}


JW said...

Congratulations with your first edition. Great magazine about you and your friends travelling through life.

Visiting your site after a long time. Looks like you just published it. Jan Wolter

Gabriela said...

OMG!!!!!! How can I have it printed?!!!! I loved it so very much!!!!

Ann Marie said...

Aw, thanks, Gabriela! So happy you like it.

Unfortunately, we're not printing it :(
Wish we could.


Ann Marie

Anonymous said...

So inspiring, girls, I enjoyed every moment! It's a beautiful ideated way to see the comparison of your three points of view, and your different perceptions.


A Fresh Note said...

Wow! It's beautiful. It reminds me of Kinfolk a little bit. The dreaminess of the images and the balance with white space. Lovely. Keep it up. What an amazing collaboration. Jen K.

Jenner Brown said...

Ann. This is unreal. Everything about it is brilliant. Those shots on page 27 are like something out of a Fellini film and I love the literary dimension, as well. I want more!!

Ann Marie said...

Britt took those photos on 27/28. They are my favorites too for sure. She works magic with that Hasselblad. Thanks so much for the kind praise!

The Egg said...

congrats lady, this is oh, so amazing!!!

xo the egg out west.

joanne said...

Wow! Beautiful! Congratulations!!

shipbuilding said... nice to have a moment for my heart to wander
and I'm now dreaming of Norway - how beautiful it looks.

laura said...

Splendid indeed! I too, love the invisible lines drawn between the three points of view - photographically and verbally. Looking forward to the next!

Anonymous said...

this is truly beautiful. i didn't want it to stop. i enjoyed every photo, quote and i love that you have included playlists. music is such an important part of my travels and i work hard in creating a good collection of songs whenever i'm about to travel.


Anonymous said...

You had a very good idea!
It's an amazing work and I love seeing my country (Italy) through your eyes.
I'll waiting confident for the second magazine!

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

this took my breath away! your photos are so beautiful, the quotes so true. I wish I could travel to Norway and Italy right now!
This is the most beautiful memory one could think of, I'm really happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't have the time to read everything, but what I had the chance to see and read is very interesting (I saved the post to read it all later). I have lived in Italy my whole life and it is always nice to read more about it and about the impressions people have from traveling around the country, and as for Norway..well, that's one of my dream destinations, such beautiful nature.


onesilentwinter said...

absolutely beautiful, all of it.

sweet harvest moon said...

Congrats! It looks amazing!

Debie Grace said...

This is so inspiring!! <3