meanwhile, back at home, the leaves are changing


the day before we left for hawaii i had to get in my fill of the beautiful autumn leaves in the mountains.
this is my season. autumn. this cooler weather brings such relief to my entire being.
i'm dreaming of coming home to my sweaters and boots, and clove-spiced victuals.
this is my month. october. the month of my birth. the time i entered this world.
as much as i've enjoyed relaxing on sandy beaches, i'm quite giddy about coming home
to my favorites: golden leaves, mountain peaks, knit sweaters, leather boots, and picnics by the river.

how have you been enjoying fall?


Emily Brisse said...

These are dreamy photos, especially that first one. October is my birth month, too: I feel more at home in this season than any other time of the year. Here's to sweaters and boots and tea and all that comforting crunching-crunching!

Sarah said...

I love these photos! October is one of my favorite months. I just love autumn.

Anonymous said...

October is my birth month, too! I love so much this part of the year :)

Inge said...

These photo's are just gorgeous! I just wrote a blog post about getting ready for fall. I wasn't quite in sync with the seasons because of a late summer trip to the south of France (sunny and warm), but when I saw the leaves changing I knew it was time. I love this time of year and am always scared I'll miss these precious few weeks of colorful leaves before it's all gone. I go out walking as much as I can. Happy to see you do too.

sweet harvest moon said...

My favorite season!

Jill said...

Oh dear. I am sorely missing fall and these photos aren't helping.

Talia Jensen said...

love these photos of leaves and the light hitting them.

Cobalt Violet said...

I can almost hear the crunching of the leaves! such beautiful images of fall!