first snow : high in the mountains


a few weeks ago we had the first snow up in our mountains. snow. finally.
and, good news for this heart, it's snowing again in the higher elevations today
while it's good and rainy down here in the valley. this is the kind of day i pray for.
every. day.

this cloud cover and cool weather couldn't be more welcome.
this is the time of year when things slow down, providing for many
projects around the house to get done: organizing, building, baking, cleaning.
i love a slower pace after a summer full of travel, school, and adventure.

with each new snowfall, ceej and i drive up the canyon together, listening to the same
"mix tape" i've been listening to every first snowfall since i was seventeen...fourteen years in a row.
this is ritual. this is where my heart resides. a continual return to the beginning--to the first time.

f i r s t   s n o w   "m i x   t a p e"

| o n e |  simple birth (barbara higbie)

| t w o |  sliding down  (edgar meyer)

| t h r e e |  snow drive (snow falling on cedars)

| f o u r |  big country (bela fleck, edgar meyer)

| f i v e |  the holly & the ivy (alex de grassi)

| s i x |  short trip home (joshua bell, edgar meyer)

| s e v e n |  my heart's in the highlands (arvo part)

| e i g h t |  jesu, joy of man's desiring  (windham hill)

(am hoping that my future teenagers have similar music tastes)


Anna said...

gorgeous! i'm also enjoying the cooler days and more quiet downtime to settle in and get things organized :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures dear. I am excited for the snow just because its pretty. But not excited for the cold.

Mercedes said...

even though my musical tastes are the equivalent of jello (i like gangnam style!!) -- i'm totally loving your playlist.

Hannah Joy said...

so beautiful!! thank you for sharing!!

sweet harvest moon said...

I can't tell you how much I love your pictures! So beautiful!

Susan Clark said...

You have such a knack for combining photography with found words. Thank you so much for your list of songs as well, they are fabulous.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

those songs are so beautiful! We've already got snowy mountains in Switzerland and I can't wait for winter to come :)

Jenner said...

Ann these images are sublime, well done!

Mary Pieper said...

Your blog inspires me! I love your playlist, and I am a teenager.