backpacking in the wind rivers : what to wear


finding clothes to wear in the outdoors that are functional and look good is quite a task. i can never quite find exactly what i'm looking for. over the years i have found things that i love, some that are ok, and other things that i absolutely abhor. outdoor clothing for women is better than it was a few years ago, but it still has a ways to go. i often find myself in the men's section too. anyway, here's a list of what i took with me on our trip to the wind rivers. hope it's helpful.

1. down jacket for cold nights and crisp mornings. avoid getting it wet as down isn't quick to dry.
2. wool mittens because you'll want to feel your fingers while trying to start the stove for dinner.
3. long sleeve synthetic shirt that will dry quickly. remember: cotton kills. cotton is slow to dry and can contribute to keeping your body cold which could potentially lead to hypothermia. no cotton. ever. try to find clothing that is synthetic or wool.
4. wool hat for cold weather outside of the tent, and for wearing while sleeping to keep body heat inside of your cozy sleeping bag.
5. hiking shoes. something comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof. wet feet are uncomfortable and can result in "hotspots" and blisters.
6. lightweight wool sweater. luckily i had this extra one with me in the car.
7. quick-dry pants. this is my least favorite thing to find when going outdoors--most synthetic pants are completely unflattering. bleh. these have been my favorite so far, but i'm always looking for a better fit
and design.
8. synthetic underwear...again, it's all about staying dry or drying quickly to stay warm.
9. short sleeve synthetic shirt to wear under long sleeve shirts--the sun will always come out, and you're going to want to be able to strip down when it heats up.
10. capilene leggings for sleeping in and/or using as a base layer under your pants if it is extra cold
11. rain jacket. always. even if it looks like sun as far as you can see. mountain weather can change in a heartbeat.
12. comfy wool socks. a pair for the trail and a cozy pair for sleeping.


sweet harvest moon said...

Ugh, i hate synthetic hiking pant too!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

this is making me excited for cooler weather!

The Egg said...

one of my favorite piece of gear is that patagonia rain coat. so light and keeps your nice and dry

xo the egg out west.

Sarahbeth said...

Oh I'd hoped you talk about this - I'm always trying to figure out what to wear for the out of doors hiking/camping adventures - one day would you think about sharing your tent/supply list? I would love to know how to pack more effectively for short & longer camping trips. This paralyzes me more than anything else with the going on & getting out o' doors!