goodbye west...hello vermont


i spent the last few days with ceej in our mountains out west. i couldn't have asked
for better days. we ate lots of yummy food, spoiled each other with little luxuries,
ran on mountain country roads while the sun set, and hung out at a beautiful lake.
my favorite part? dancing with ceej late at night at the cabin. that's the moment i
want to last forever and ever and ever.

early this morning i had to say goodbye to ceej...never an easy thing to do, and always
accompanied by tears and doubts...why am i going away again for school?
but i come anyway. this is my third summer in grad school.
the first year i went to beautiful and eclectic asheville, north carolina.
last year i realized a life-long dream and studied at oxford.
and this i am in vermont. it's green, it's beautiful, and it's remote.
as i study milton and wright i'll take time to run on the robert frost trail,
swim in lakes, and dip my toes in rivers. but mostly, i'll be studying my brains out.

i'm trying to take advantage of the calm before the storm. classes start wednesday.

{p.s. i still have lots of paris photos to share...stay tuned!}


joule said...

You had a wonderful weekend! of course we'll stay tuned:)

Anna said...

I've always wanted to visit Vermont. Enjoy the green mountains and good luck with the start of the term!

Cloudia said...

take the dignity quiet and wisdom of the mountains with you, and grad school will be whittled down to size!

Have a GREAT Week

Aloha from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

Trude said...

I loved the short time I spent in Vermont one summer, hope you love it too! Looking forward to the photos. :)

sarahmarie said...

What a wonderful place to spend your summer!

May I ask what program allows you to go all over to study each summer. That sounds so fabulous!

Good luck.

Ann Marie said...

Sarah Marie,

The graduate program that I am in right now is through Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English. It's incredible. We get to study with world-renowned professors (some of them Pulitzer Prize winners!), at four different amazing campuses. Here's a link to the program site

Emily Brisse said...

I left my husband too to study in Vermont... the goodbye was hard, of course, but the Green Mountains inspire a kind of learning that I hope you'll also savor. Enjoy! And keep those beautiful quotes coming (loved the Hem ones regarding Paris). :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Good luck!

Krysten Cathleen said...

Best of luck with your studies :)

onesilentwinter said...

hi ann,

let me know when you would like to drop by, also will be passing by middlebury a few times too.!
if you guys are itching for a good place, in vergennes france laundry bakery !

laura said...

I recently took a trip to California, and had your lovely blog to reference for some wonderful times - Point Reyes, the Station House Cafe and Inverness included! When I saw you were in Vermont, where I went to undergrad in Poultney, I wanted to return the favor in some small measure...

If you have time this summer, you may enjoy these vistas and victuals not too far from you:

Dorset Rock Quarry - Dorset, VT
Mt. Zion and Japanese Rock Gardens - Hubbardton, VT
(Food!) The Skinny Pancake and Stone Soup in Burlington, VT

Hope you enjoy!

Debie Grace said...

Wow, what beautiful views! :)