we arrived in chamonix two days ago. yes, we.
ceej met me in rome last friday, and i couldn't have been more giddy to see him after two weeks apart.
i loved walking the side streets of rome with him, and walking by st. peter's every night on our way home. we ate gelato, pizza, and pasta to our hearts' content.
it was good to spend so much time with marte and britt. what lovely women.

though we enjoyed our time in rome, ceej and i are quite pleased to be up in the mountains--in the alps!
it really is incredible here. so grateful i get to tag along with ceej as he travels for business.
the fresh mountain air and the slower pace are both right up my alley. i'm definitely a mountain girl.
we're already planning a return trip here that will involve more gear and a little training so
we can climb up these beautiful mountains and ski down them. ahhhh! how fun would that be?!

on friday we leave for paris for the weekend. i'm looking forward to walking along the siene,
and enjoying the city at a slow and casual pace. should be a lovely way to end my trip.

hope you are all enjoying spring as it approaches summer.
can't wait to show you all the photos from our trip.


sweet harvest moon said...

Lucky girl!
Last February I was supposed to go to Chamonix (I was in Switzerland at the time) for the annual ski race but we had -27°C weather and the car was totally down :(
I hope to go Chamonix this summer...

Have fun!

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

Lucky you :) You should come to Switzerland if you love mountains!

Wish you a lot of fun!

Introverted Art said...

This is breathtaking.

Kristina said...

Chamonix is beautiful! Loved it there! The pictures makes me miss Switzerland so much, lived there the last 4 years and I loved to be so close to the Alps. They are wonderful and breathtaking! Enjoy and have fun in Paris! xx

karensdanglingconversation said...

Seriously laughing here, apparently you have posted every picture take to instagram and only one on your blog. That is too funny! Everyday I'm reeling through a cabillion pictures on my instagram so expected you would have a billion blog entries and I pull up just one! I'm glad you had such an exciting trip! You make everything seem so magical!

earthen-magic said...

...oooooOh sO magically awesome! ~ many blessings for thee!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

Ski Chalet Accommodation said...

That place is paradise! Do share more images from your Chamonix trip. Cheers to more exciting travels!