moving sale! we're down-sizing and getting rid of almost everything...come by and see us!


ceej and i have made the big decision to down-size. i've been wanting to do
this for a long time: to shed as much as we can, no matter how attached i am
and live with less so that someday we can give our future kids more
{babies won't be along for another five years or so, so grandmas, don't get too excited yet}.

so we've emptied out our closets, our bookshelves, our cupboards, and even the garage.
this saturday we'll be hosting our first ever yard sale, and we'd love to see you.
the weather should be lovely, and we'd love to see our things find a home with
someone we know would love it.

here's the details (email me for the exact address lady.of.lorien9{at}gmail{dot}com)


Saturday, April 28, 2012
8:00am - 12:00 pm
Approx. 2700 S 2000 E SLC, Utah
Clothing: Anthropologie, JCrew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Tulle, and more...
(sizes vary. anywhere from 0 - 4 or XS - M)
Furniture: Pottery Barn, modern reading chair, modern bookshelves, vintage dressers, and more...
Books {which are terribly hard to part with}
Garden Tools: our favorite push lawn mower that works brilliantly, is quiet, and doesn't pollute, and more...
Dishes: Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma, and lots of pretty vintage collectables
Appliances: anyone need a Cuisinart blender/food processor?


Cassie said...

Wish I lived closer & could come raid your clothing collection... Alas! Best of luck with your yard sale!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I would buy all these in a heartbeat. Whatever you don't sell there please sell them online!!!

Unknown said...

Ann, what dress size are you? I love you and your clothes, but I think your yoga treats you better than my yoga... you are looking pretty hot these dyas and always.

Ann Marie said...


I hope you are someone I know, and that forgot to tell me who you were :)

Sizes vary: Size 0 - Size 4 or Size XS-M

I'll update the post with this info ;)

sarah sample said...

I want to come! I will try to make this happen, b/c you are the hippest cat I know. AND I love your style.

sarahbeth said...

love your sentiments here. hope I can figure out how to do the same one day!

laura said...

Ann Marie -

1) Thanks for the tip on the Filson bag - I am loving mine!
2) This is so inspiring - I think I may do some spring "cleansing" this weekend!
3) I see that you lived in CA for a bit - my sister and I are traveling there at the end of May - a loop from LA to the Sequoias to Yosemite to Point Reyes area to San Francisco. Can you recommend anything? I love to have an "insider" insight, and not just do the "touristy" thing...

Please email your thoughts if you have time at laura{dot}teschka{at}gmail{dot}com.

Also, if you could not publish my comment, that would be great... I'm a bit hedgy about my email..
Thanks mucho!

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful blue coat, too bad you have to let it go :(

Inge said...

What a great thing. I've done this too, first when I went to live with my boyfriend in this small cabin, and once while living here. We don't own a lot of stuff by any means, but I'd still like to down-size more! It's kind of addicting in that it's so freeing.
Would love to hear more about your reasons for this, and what you mean by saying "live with less so that someday we can give our future kids more".

Lisa said...

I just linked your blog and a quote of yours from this post to my blog. I hope that's ok, maybe I should have asked permission first?? I hope you are continuing to enjoy Europe - your pics from the Alps made me swoon with jealousy. :)