moab : a short hike to see a view of this vast wilderness


the desert has been good to us this winter--although i worry our lack of snow will lead to draught.
i've probably mentioned my worries about this pitiful winter here in our mountains a few times,
but i am really, truly worried. i'm hoping that we will get the message, and change our energy-using ways of old. here's to riding bikes more, keeping the heat/ac down, buying/consuming less,
and spending more time in the great outdoors on our own two feet. there. there's my rant.

back to the beauty. i think i will always be a westerner at heart. there is something quite liberating
and awe-some about having the ability to see for miles and miles and miles,
the grand red-rock cliffs against an open blue sky, with night skies that will truly make you wonder and your heart will soften to a pace that allows you to worry no more. this is life. this is the earth.

currently our local government is trying to obtain ALL federal land for their own use--
that federal land is all of ours, even if you live outside of the state. we're fighting to keep it federally managed/owned so that these lands can stay open to public use.
so what do i do? i go and sign up to be a delegate in my local precinct in hopes my voice will make a difference. long live wilderness!


Cassie said...

You've got me planning a trip to Moab in my ( in next few years) future. I want to explore those red rocks...

Three cheers for the tonic of wildness!

crispin korschen said...

Good on you Ann Marie...............i hope what looks like the most beautiful nature can be saved

shipbuilding said...

Hooray for you. Space to breathe is always worth saving.

Alexa said...

Yay!!! Thanks for fighting the good fight. I'll be doing the same up here in Canada- our lands are yours to enjoy too :)