the yurt {part one} : the night time adventures of a medical doctor, an engineer, a forest service ranger, a yogi/seven-months-with child, an EMT/Carpenter, an artist, a fashion designer, a physicist, a grad student, and a product designer


over the weekend we headed up to a yurt in our mountains with eight dear friends.
it's been a while since we've all had an over-nighter together, and a while since i've laughed so hard and so much!
the conversations went from environmental/political activism to questions {directed towards the scientists} about what would happen to a sandwich if you opened up a space shuttle window and left it in space to what's the weirdest thing our doctor friend has seen in the hospital to pregnancy and birthing.
and there was also a quick debate about what do to if you get bit by a rattlesnake...i like jack handy's suggestion best.
did i mention that our dear olivia made the 4.5 mile trek in on snowshoes while seven months pregnant?
she definitely wins the "hard core" award--especially since she had such a lovely glowing smile on the entire time.

there was also a couple of sweet games of speed scrabble. which resulted in more laughing.

so grateful to have friends who love to be in the mountains.
so grateful it finally snowed here after weeks of draught.
so grateful that i got to laugh my guts out.
so grateful that we have smart & talented friends who don't take themselves too seriously.
so grateful for high-calorie foods that filled my belly after our hike in on skis.

more of our trip {in the daylight} to come soon...

{p.s. thanks to holly jo for snapping a couple photos of me and ceej!}


RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

How wonderful it is to have such good friends! :)

Anonymous said...

that looks like the most perfect weekend getaway ever!

The Egg said...

love me some yurt trips! that snake quote is too funny!!

xo the egg out west.

Victoria said...

I love this post! Your photos have such a dark, cozy quality. Your blog is wonderful, I'm adding you to my reader!

gilead in bloom

joanne said...

Looks like so much fun! And I am definitely going to try speed scrabble.
Thanks for sharing.

Chloe said...

Do I spy Bananagrams!?!?!!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Gosh, I miss hearing Jack Handy quotes!

Sounds like an wonderful time. Also, what do you think the connection between boys and headlamps? My husband likes to find any excuse to wear his. ;)


Inge said...

Seems like such a wonderful weekend! I could use one of those right about now. Nothing like good conversations.

kaelee said...

I am dreaming of a little yurt getaway like this with my husband and baby girl. A perfect first camping trip I think. Even better, maybe one just the two of us and some of friends, someday soon (though I can't imagine spending a night away from my girl). The snow has been good, hasn't it? Our roads which are usually closed mid-December did not close this year until almost the end of January, and although it was nice with the baby to be able drive to my home for that extra month and a half, I have welcomed this snow, and the small trek that comes with it.

Lisa said...

What an amazing sleepover to have with old friends...have always wanted to stay in a yurt:)