we've been enjoying the little winter that is still clinging on in the mountains...


last week ceej, my brother, and i took my sister-in-law up to the mountains for her
first backcountry skiing experience. she caught on quickly and was a champ.
these days we haven't seen much snow...we're getting anxious about this drought.
not only do we need snow to ski on, but we'll need water to drink throughout the coming year.
this also explains my frustration with local congressmen trying to sell watershed land
to private corporations for development.  it's federal land now--which means for all of you
living in the states it's your land too. you could even give your own congressman a heads-up
with a nice little email to help us here in utah battle to keep our watershed pure...

sorry for that little rampage. i just can't help myself. you know how i love my mountains.

anyway, i am looking forward to this weekend. we have a little theme party planned,
and i can hardly wait for ceej to transform into samwise and i get to wear my elven garb,
and brush up on my elvish. totally geeking out.

hope you have lovely plans for the weekend. see you next week!


LintasKoran said...

nice share


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i'm with ya - i love mountains, too. which is why the austrian alps are my favorite place in the world. i'd ski every day if i could.

N said...

It's so infuriating when pristine, natural lands are at risk for abhorrent developments. It has to stop! Because California is basically bankrupt, they are closing 70 state parks over the next two years. Some of my favorite ones that I grew up visiting are in danger of privatization and development. I completely understand why you're so angry. It's heart-wrenching.

Nevertheless, it sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! I know a bit of elvish myself. haha...I love writing it. So beautiful. I can definitely see you as an elf. Have tons of fun! :)

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

I can't wait to go skiing this winter! Maybe next week..

MelD said...

I just came over from Tonia's site and found your treasures - love your photographs and a very pretty life you document there!
What a busy year you had. It's nice to read of someone who is so appreciative, a quality I alway try never to forget.
Greetings from our little wash house in Switzerland - I will look forward to visiting you again when I return from two weeks of skiing in the Graub├╝nden Alps!!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog a little while ago and find it so very beautiful and inspiring. I'm in my final few weeks of a year of living in the French Alps, and your words resonate very strongly. I've copied down some of the quotes into a notebook that I'm sure will give me comfort when I'm not living amidst the mountains any more. Thank you, Emily

sweet harvest moon said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to go skiing in 2 weeks!

kaelee said...

That Canyons nonsense is so frustrating! That place is and always has been nothing but a big circus, and it has only gotten worse sense Talisker took over. It disturbs me to know that one of the most prosperous landowners in summit county has absolutely no respect for the majesty and beauty of these mountains. Their only interest is in development, regardless of the destruction it will cause to the pristine habitat. I am disgusted.